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Thoughts on Reiki, massage etc

I’ve just come back from 2hrs of Reiki and massage and feel wonderful. I have always enjoyed going for the odd massage as a treat but only felt so emotionally and physically disjointed on diagnosis (30th March 2012) that I went for a trial, and go back whenever I can afford it as it’s so helpful!

I just wondered if anyone else found these types of ‘alternative therapies’ useful? I’ve looked into them on the MSTrust and MS Society and the main message I’ve picked up is they need further research to understand the true benefits. Is anyone doing this type of research?

I think it would be really beneficial for everyone to have access to this should they want to. My OT says its not available as part of ‘normal’ treatment for symptoms.

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6 years ago

It definitely should be!

6 years ago

i have a full body massage every month to loosen up my muscles and get rid of my lumps from my injections, it really works and its so relaxing!

6 years ago

All I know is that massage is wonderful for spasticity. No need for research there…just pure fact. WONDERFUL.

6 years ago

i get the odd shiatsu, it helps me shift stubborn neuropathic pain. i don’t get into all the how stuff works with the chi, just know something freaky is happening. also really helped to readjust my posture which has a knock on effect on normal aches and pains

6 years ago

Since my diagnosis in march I have had a swedish massage and reiki. I dont know if it helps but relaxes me if nothing else which must be beneficial.

6 years ago

I’d consider Reiki and massage as complimentary therapies rather than alternative, but we need to support them as major pharmaceuticals are trying to nonsense them and sell us more drugs!

Some such as herb teas and chinese medicine, as well as some fruits can affect the rate of absorption of medications, and might be better classed as alternatives, as we don’t entirely know how much of an effect they might have on each individual.
We shouldn’t use them to replace prescribed meds:)

As for massage, and a more wholistic therapy, I’m all for it. Esp as I get to be reddivines massage guineapig 😀 Squeeee
It relaxes, improves circulation, lower bloodpressure and USED to be part of regular physiotherapy 40 years ago. Shame that.

6 years ago

I think the mind-body connection in MS is hugely important. Exactly how you’re feeling affects symptoms. e.g. where a ‘normal’ person might get butterflies if feeling nervous, in MS the same feeling can produce a limp or a nerve pain. Reiki and massage help us get back to the optimum state of relaxation so that we’re less likely to be assailed by odd symptoms. Well that’s my theory anyway!

6 years ago

Wouldn’t mind trying that out. How much does it cost?
I have a massage seat kind of thing I bought from Costco. Its ok but I would rather have a person giving me a massage.

6 years ago

I’ve been doing a holistics class, locally where we are learning how to do massage – properly! So I’m armed for foot massage, head/neck/shoulders and hands. Shame I can’t practise on myself…but yeah alternative, complementary therapies…give em a go!
You MAY have to pay but ask around see wot is available.

6 years ago

Reiki and massage are both equally invigorating and amazing!

6 years ago

I have been considering trying massage but found the pain eased a lot with the cheaper option of buying a shedload of smelly bath stuff from Lush and just having a pretty hot batch before bed a couple of times a week. I will probably still try the massage, though – most of my pain is muscular so massage will definitely ease it, I just don’t know if the effects would last long enough for it to be cost effective.

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