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the swank diet and swimming

i was thinking of going on the swank diet i read about it on website to get fit i wondered if any one else has tried it? success> and if anyone has any other possible healthy teas and snacks i could try? i am trying to cut down on the amount of sugar i have thanks larissa x

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1 year ago

Hi @larissajathomas

I have recently discovered Trevis Gleason – the ‘chef interrupted’ by MS. I haven’t checked his work out yet but will do sometime soon, this is his website:

I’m basically assuming/leaping to the conclusion that if he is a chef and has MS then probably his recommendations are MS friendly….

thoughtfultraveller xxx

1 year ago

Hi again, just saw that swank is mentioned as part of the overcoming MS programme on – yes, this is probably the line of nutrition I will go down (and have started a little bit), basically plant based with fish + flaxseed/unsaturated fats. Not sure what the evidence is on it and have only come across those recommendations this week, but can report back 🙂

1 year ago

Hi, I started swimming to encourage my son to get into swimming, I now swim with him at club level and I compete with the team when a Swim carnival offers Multiclass events.
I have followed the overcomingms (OMS) lifestyle for 6 years now, the OMS website has lots of recipes on there. There is references to the Swank diet in the book and on the website forums.
I found I just had to manage my diet so I was getting enough energy to fuel my body on the days I am swim training. For me I just concentrated the higher energy meals (contaning fish) on those days? I’m no expert but it works for me.
Honestly I did not start the OMS diet to give up sugar and the recipes don’t necessarily say to exclude sugar but I now don’t add any extra sugar to anything.

1 year ago

I’d recommend getting the book, it lays out all the scientific evidence very clearly. Once you understand why you’re doing something it makes it much easier to follow

They are about to bring out a cookbook as well, I haven’t ordered it yet but if you’re struggling for inspiration it might help

I’ve been following OMS for almost four years and have stayed relapse and symptom free so I personally highly recommend it x

1 year ago

Oh, I just went to an all day senimar and they were promoting that diet. I’ve started it a few days into January, have to do something to ease the fatigue. I must say giving up red meat is not as hard as it seems, trust me. I love my grub but this isn’t a diet it’s just a change in diet. I know it’s only been a week for me but honestly even knowing I’m doing something to try and help my energy levels is kind of helping me. Give it a go and sure if it gets hard you know where we are (misery loves company) , best of luck buddy ?

1 year ago

Hi, just to let you know that you can get the OMS book free at the moment if you are newly diagnosed. I saw this on their website x

1 year ago

Cutting saturated fat can’t be a bad thing. I don’t know if it helps with remyelination as claimed, but it definitely makes it easier on digestion, MS or not , and the energy saved can be used for other things.

As for swimming, yes anytime, wonderful exercise. For me, who lose control of my leg and arm at the slightest raise in body temperature, I can’t wait to be back in the pool as the water keeps me cool while allowing me some movement.

You can email [email protected] to request a free copy of the OMS book.

1 year ago

l am trying to follow his diet-plant based- but there are things controversial when compared to other diets which are also highly recommended for MS. L am talking about The Walsh Protocol in that certain food like bread is certainly no no … but red meat, organ meat from a grass eating animal is okay but they are not in OMS, so l am a bit confused should l eat bread or not … it comes from plant…

1 year ago

1 year ago

Yes I did the swank diet about 7 years ago and still follow most of it but just not as strict as I should be. I am thinking of going back on the diet or follow it strictly because I did feel good and had more energy etc, at the moment I am not that good and yes I think it’s a combination of bad diet, no exercise and stress.

Recommend follow a diet that is similar to the swank diet if you get the book it makes sense.

1 year ago

1 year ago

I follow OMS and can highly recommend it. It’s a lifestyle, not just a diet, it can be hard at times, but when you get into it, it just becomes a way of life. I’ve lost weight, am back playing tennis and run a bit too. Relapse free (not 100% symptom free yet, but going in right direction) I like feeling I am doing something to help myself, instead of doing nothing. I take Gilenya too, but am convinced it’s the OMS that is having the bigger impact.

1 year ago

I purchased Terri Wahls books and video also and what she recommends works. She makes sense.

1 year ago

thank you so much for all your links and comments its really helped make my decision, as i am starting fresh 🙂 and its really helpful kind regards, larissa x

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