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I can’t get the link to work, but yes, I’ve heard the theory. Still like my slimline gin and tonic, though!

The link above is correct, but the line-break may be causing problems.
Try copy and pasting the webpage name into Google and access it that way…..

I have heard the aspartame theory before, but I was under the impression it had been proven false I’ve been unable to view the link you have posted, but could I recommend that you check any claims on reputable websites such as snopes and the like.

RichMurray has posted before about aspartame. He posts a lot in status updates and he can be quite “vocal”.
He did put up a link to :-
Who knows who tells the truth these days……….

I get acute pain in my feet if I have aspartame. I avoid most chewing gums and diet drinks now. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t cause MS but something strange is going on hiding the real truth behind the apparent dangers and how it passed the US FDA rules

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