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The Avengers!!!

Grrr…. they are filming the new Avengers movie at my work just now but I am sooo tired I can’t even be bothered hanging around tonight to see what happens.

I do hate MS sometimes!! It just drains you physically then when you know what your missing that drains you emotionally. Does it ever let up or leave you with anything?

I just want to be Mrs Cpt America – is that asking too much lol

Ok – moan over!

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1 year ago

No, it’s not, I think that sounds perfectly reasonable @avrilt 😊

1 year ago

Tell it to kiss yer arse and don’t let it stop you doing what you wanna do lass. You can sleep later

1 year ago

Yes I know what you mean; (whilst still working) I was invited & issued a 3-day retailer pass to a convention/show. Surely I can make it for the opening day, attend the meeting, and wander around the stalls, and see a few talks, then give the pass away to friends to use over the weekend.


The day arrived; got up and ready to leave the house, got to the front door when it dawned on me, the mind is willing but I just will not be able to physically do the 10 hours or so all told (getting there, attending, and then getting home), GUTTED.

Felt like a door had slammed in my face as the realisation that some things I enjoy are now beyond me. Sorry for my rambling @avrilt, β€œThe Avengers!” caught my eye; my work/hobby revolved around comics & superheroes!

1 year ago

Thank you @lilbird – yes I would make an excellent Mrs Cpt America! The Cpt, me and his big eh….shield would be very happy together lol πŸ˜‚

I wish @doubleo7hud – but it is my arse that is well ad truly getting kicked just now! But fear not I know things will get better. I too am walking like a penguin just now!

Hey @markp you are not rambling at all, it is horrible when you want to do something but just can’t and no matter how much you want to or push yourself it still ain’t going to happen. Oh it is so exciting just now at work! They are filming at the City Chambers and on the Royal Mile, there is also a big green screen at Waverley Station and they have set up a fake coffee shop and newspaper stand. Yesterday, when I was leaving work they had loads of cranes and there was a burnt out car and there is a fake bus stop been created as well. I love the Avengers! Oh your job must have been exciting and it is great you were able to combine your job and hobby. I have put a couple of photos on Instagram – feel free to have a look – some are ok.

1 year ago

I too have the walk of the penguin but a constipated one, penguin that is not constipated although it has been two days but that’s normal aparantly meh anyway moving shifty on (see what I did there a pun me thinks coz we’re on shift??) I’m bloody knackered but just keep going waddling and being a stupid stubborn bugger. Use it or loose it I was just told the other day by a new pal iv made out of the pixels. with just one sclerosis a big one not multiple like me.

1 year ago

Lol @doubleo7hud ! You do make us all laugh! It’s good advice, I do normally just push through but I guess it was one of those days! They are going to be filming a lot this month so if you see someone doing a penguin impression in the movie that will be me on my Hollywood debut! Lol

Glad you are making friends on here, it is a supportive environment where people just understand (well most of the time).


1 year ago

I’m new to this app & just joined 15 mins or so ago! Where are you @ that you can be MsCapt America? Also, how do I put my pic up? Toodles πŸ€“πŸ‘ŠπŸΎπŸ’ͺ🏾🀜🏾

1 year ago

Hey @daddydeuce

Welcome to ShiftMS! Sorry been busy day – I see you got the photo up. I am in Edinburgh and they are filming on the Royal Mile, City Chambers (where I work) and at Waverley Station! It’s all very exciting!

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