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Symptoms ms symptoms not ?


As I am the class newbie! I just wanted to ask you firstly how you know every symptom you have is ms or not or something else ?

Then how do you know if the symptoms are ms related then what’s a flare or relapse and what is just ms symptoms or a relapse or a flare ?

I have symptoms everyday surely that can’t mean a flare everyday or relapse ? So how do you know what’s what?

Like some say they get tingling . I get this pretty regularly but doesn’t mean a flare or relapse does it ?


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1 year ago

@rachaellouise , the following gives a good definition of what a relapse is :-

If you do have concerns at anytime, your MS Nurse is there to give you their opinion. However, they may suggest you see your GP first, to rule out Urine and other infections, which can cause a “pseudo-exacerbation”.

1 year ago

Hiya, i was in exactly the same boat as you wen first diagnosed. Its been nearly 2 years in march n tbh im still unsure. When discussed with my nurse n neurologist theyve both advised if i was having a relaspe id know straight away! They said in regards to hhaving daily symptoms thats just a part of the condition.

I know its easier said than done but i was told to not overthink every lil thing n in a way detach from my body. Still learning how to do that but im getting there 🙂

1 year ago

Stumblet is right a phone call to MS nurse will clarify it. Once i lost my ability to move half of my body but move it after rest but didnt last ms nurse said yes stress triggered ms do physio it well recover but its own and it did in couple of days.

@rachaellouise One fact I read was the number one cause of death for pwms is ignoring an important symptom because they thought it was “just” MS. The advice I received was its good to make sure you have a relationship with both your neuro and regular doctor so things are not overlooked. Obviously you probably arent at risk of death, but the point was the pwms often just overlook things.

1 year ago

Old symptoms are called flares if you you have new symptoms then you need to call your dr. My dr tells me a flare of old symptoms is normal and just have to bare with it if they become worse or you have new ones you never had to before , call your dr.

1 year ago

Is it normal though to experience symptoms no matter how mild evryday ? Maybe one day tingling next day tremor , another day buzzing .
Do any of you experience days with nothing ? No symptoms at all? Not even sensory ?


1 year ago

Hi @rachellouise I’m not having a relapse and a recent MRI showed no new lesions. But, every day is different for me and my symptoms seem to shift and change daily. It took a while to get used to it but I’ve come to expect it. One thing I have learnt recently though: sometimes at the end of the day, I realise my jangling, as I call it, seems to have been minimal. But then I realise it’s because I haven’t been thinking about it today because I’ve been distracted, or feeling really positive. Shows me just how powerful the mind is!

1 year ago

Hey Rachel.

The two relapses I had were very obvious, ok not at the time but I think if I were to relapse again, I would know.

I quite often get tingling, numbness or electric shocks so to speak but I know I’m not relapsing. Sometimes the change in temperature brings it on, or if I’m feeling tired or feeling stressed. It’s my way of my body telling me to ignore it all and slow down!

When I don’t feel any of these, my symptoms are non-exsistent. Take it easy, try not to think of MS, hard I know but you might find it helps 😊. If you’re still worried about it, ring your MS nurse and they will be able to help and advise you 😊.

Take care chick 😊. X

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