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Swallowing / Numb Face combo

Hello Shifters. I have SPMS, mainly left leg issues up until this point but I’m currently hitting a few snags with swallowing easily, it’s taking 3 or 4 goes to clear my throat when eating. It’s come hand in hand with a super numb face (left said, mainly but nose if mega numb and lips are on and off). Has anyone had a similar combo or sought any meds to help with the swallowing? It’s likely been triggered by a recent dose of flu but it’s being a bit stubborn clearing up. Thanks all… Mark

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5 months ago

Hey @mark-o! I’ve had the swallowing issues and numb face, but thankfully it finally went away. I don’t know of any meds to help with swallowing, but my ms nurse told me they sell an over the counter thickener to help get stuff down. There’s a lot of meds out there to help with the nerve pain and it might help with the numb face such as gabapentin, lyrica, or ampitriptyline. Also, my physical therapist shows me different exercises to help with the numbness and nerve pain. I had it really bad in my face and head and the exercises worked the best. Good luck!

5 months ago

@mark-o , I do hope this clears up for you and things return to normal.

Your recent bout of flu may have caused a “pseudo-exacerbation”, a temporary worsening of symptoms. This should subside as you recover from the flu.

Have you had the flu jab this year? If not, why not? Any protection from bugs and viruses that my make our MS flare up is worthwhile.

Here’s some information on dysphagia, or difficulty swallowing, which might help :-

5 months ago

I had major problems swallowing and was referred to a speech therapist, cos apparently they are all the same muscles! Charming lady who visited me at home. Still not allowed to eat pastie & chips alone, I live alone and sometimes need a good slap on the back. Save eating ‘not allowed’ things for when I go out to eat with friends. Just to answer Stumbler question to you, had my Flu jab this morning.😇

5 months ago

@mark-o, Only just seen yr post. I’m ppms. I have had trouble swallowing for a while – have to concentrate, and not talk at the same time. The speech therapist said to eat softer foods, so I do. It helps. No numb face though but left leg and arm are dodgy. xx

5 months ago

Many thanks all, very helpful feedback. I had an issue a few days back where the numbness suddenly ramped up and went right down my neck and my MS Nurse asked me to try Nortriptyline for a few weeks. I’m not a big fan of the sleepiness and how early in the evening I need to take it tories nice and fresh in the morning but the numbness is drifting away after a few days, so that’s good. My nose and bottom lip are super numb but my left cheek and neck have returned so that’s good. Swallowing is still a bit forced but I think there’s some improvement here too so maybe things have drifted now the flu has lifted. Thanks all.

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