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Supplements to consider

Hi guys
Interested to see what you guys take supplement wise, I read alot online about possible helping supplements etc and found some above the usual ones.
Usual ones –
Vitamin D
Fish Oil/Flaxseed

MitoQ – holly mentioned this it’s good for mitochondria
Magnesium – good for tight muscles
Biotin – obviously one that’s shown promise in trials, also looked at previous uses in spinal cord injuries etc and found some studies showing uses
Testosterone/estriol – has been shown to possibly be neuroprotective

NAC – this one interests me A lot! It’s been shown to help lower glutamine levels and increase glutathione levels, now glutamine is abundant in people with ocd, ocd is thought to be caused possibly by ebv, same as Ms, glutamine is also high in stress and has been shown to possibly adversely affect Ms progression, NAC has been succesful in ocd and Tourette’s

GABA – another one that helps fix the levels of glutamine

NAC and glutathine has been shown to help reduce oxidative stress which is also implicated in Ms, could be a win win! Oddly dimethyl which is being used in spms as a neuroprotective, also tries to correct oxidative stress

Now obviously Im no doctor etc and this is all from my own research and thoughts, but a lot of the diets etc that claim to work all follow a similar pattern, gluten free! Which effects glutamine, same with salts, msg etc

There’s also turmeric or circus in which helps oxidative stress

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3 years ago

Hi, I take alot of supplements and follow a Gluten free diet
vit c
vit b complex
I have just started takeing spirulina a few months ago and I have notice and don’t get fatigue so much, when I do eat Gluten I get more fatigue.
hope this helps

3 years ago

I am a firm believer in Mitoq and its full of antioxidants! I am waiting for my new ones to arrive and the fatique has hit me like a bus since I have not been taking any! I have also had some new mild symptoms 😞

3 years ago

Hi both
Yeah it’s difficult to tell if any of it works but then none are toxic all are found in diets so I guess it can’t hurt maybe?
Holly I think I’ve got spare MitoQ if you need it?
And Simone what’s the spirulina doing? I know others have spoken about it before?
I’ve had so many new sympotks over four months that I can’t tell what’s workig and what’s not

3 years ago

Hi. I’ve tried taking supplements and not taking them and noticed no difference. That’s just me though. It could work for you.

3 years ago

Vitamin D can be toxic if taken in high doses. If you are worried about your levels, then you can request a blood test.

The Biotin trial results are unconvincing if you look at the statistics.( It has also not been published in a peer-reviewed journal, yet. The limited available data is only from the company who own the rights to the high dose formulation of Biotin (MedDay Pharmaceuticals). I would hate to think that any fellow MSer is ordering Biotin by the shed-load from an unknown source via the internet because of these ‘results’.

Keep up the good diet, and maybe rethink your supplements.

3 years ago

Hi krisp, spirulina contains many nutrients and a powerful antioxidant ad helps with fatigue.

3 years ago


So I have MS, major hormone deficiencies and have adrenal fatigue. I take a range of things including:
Vit B
Vit D
Vit C
Green powder
Magnesium/hormone balancer
Specific Metagenix Brain food (fish oil on steroids)
BCAAs/Amino acids for muscle growth and bioavailability
L-Carnatine (Metabolizer)
Hormone replacement-progesterones/testosterone (non synthetic)


What is it about Glutamine that effects MS??? Any info, specific studies would be much appreciated.

Skye xxx

3 years ago

Hi skyzie
That’s an impressive set of supplements
Again what I was suggesting is all from reading I had done and it’s not guaranteed but I read that ocidative stress is a factor in Ms and glutamine is thought to contribute to this, it’s increased in stress situations and found to be increased in Ms
The hormone thing you take could be good there’s a lot of research by ucla and Dr ******* regarding hormone therapy

** Name removed to protect privacy and avoid potential legal ramifications. ** Stumbler 😉

3 years ago

Personally I don’t take any medication or supplements. I just carry on like anyone else, eat and drink like a ‘normal’ person and I’m doing great

3 years ago

MSENTIALS have all the things you need in 6 pills a day.

3 years ago

Hi tabby cat do you know what pills they are?

3 years ago

That’s interesting about the alpha lipoic acid?
There’s a spms trial in Portland currently for this as a treatment at 1200mg

3 years ago

@krisp , you can read all about MSsential here :-

3 years ago

Hi they look interesting but there’s some things on there I’d increase of change like the alpha lipoic acid which means I can’t take them as it would be too much of that
And no n acetylcysteine which has shown good stuff

Has anyone had success on these? I’d love to try them if it wouldn’t contradict what I take

3 years ago

I’ve been taking them for nearly two years and get less colds and general infections than non MSers including my close contact husband so I am sure they are excellent for general immune health.
I also recently started taking MitoQ, which I heard about on this site and I think has helped with my mental sharpness.
Non of it is provable of course, but it makes you feel like you are doing something positive to combat the amorphous mass of symptoms that is MS.

9 months ago

possible solution for acute flare ups –

couple weeks back, my vision became rather blurry. I decided to blend a few anti-inflammatory ingredients – 1/2 incluch of fresh turmeric, 1/4 ginger, gel from an aloe vera leaf, half cup of OJ and water (temper flavor!)

Within 2-3 minutes of drinking…vision completely restored

9 months ago


Here are the supplements my wife takes below. Something we put a lot of thought into is the risk of each supplement vs the possible gain. Most of these havent had double blind studies so you cant be sure exactly how effective they are. However, there is enough evidence that it these might be helpful that we think they were worth taking. From your list above something that I think is worth considering is a good probiotic. Seems like there is increasing evidence that they are helpful and unlikely to be harmful. I can post a few studies if you want. We also follow OMS (diet, exercise etc) and it has switched from fish oil to flaxseed oil based on the data they have gathered. Because she is vegan+egg white + fish she is taking b12.

Alpha lipoic acid (the r type) not to be confused with the one from flaxseed (
Biotin (its not high dose just the normal stuff you can buy)
flaxseed oil (20ml a day) (

9 months ago

I use
A combo of fish oil and flaxseed oil, too much affects your cardiovascular system
periodic multi vitB, too much can led to peripheral nerve damage
Vit D at 4000units per day, again too much can give you kidney stones

It’s all about balance

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