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Stuck to a strict diet???

Is there anyone here who has actually stuck to a diet exactly for at least 3 months? (I mean a strict special diet with no gluten, no dairy, no yeast, no legumes, no saturated fat… Basically no good things 😉 ) ….


I’ve been following the “MS Recovery Diet” for a month now and I am certainly no way near hugely better or cured and I do get the odd new symptom but I have felt tiny improvements such as my feet don’t constantly tingle and my legs are not as heavy, they are still bloody heavy but not as heavy!)…. Oh well I am gonna stick with this for a good few months at least and see how I am then but realise if diets do help it could be years…

But would love to hear from anyone who has followed a strict diet like this one for at least 3 months??? ….

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5 years ago

I haven’t eaten any food containing gluten for nearly 3 years now. If do accidently eat something with it in I feel bad for quite a while. I would love a pint of beer and a pizza right about now lol x

5 years ago

When i was first diagnosed, I went all out on dietary changes…

quit being a vegetarian, quit dairy, no, beans lentils or pulses, keeping sat fats to under 20g a day…. the whole nine yards.

I spent quite a bit of time thinking and working on food…. including baking at least once a week – so i’d have some tasty coconut biscuits to put in my lunch box. I’d spend ages making ‘batches’ of sauces and stuff so i had a variety of things and there would always be something on hand when i just “want something out of the freezer”. I was on a 50’s housewife vibe for sure!

I lasted a year or so…..

during which time i felt better than I had in ages lost loads of weight and my diet and lifestyle was looking pretty good. I was generally more energetic and feeling and looking better than I had since my late teens. I think that having a really healthy and creative diet was brill.

Then life then got busier, I remained relapse free…… and I eventually got complacent.

After about a year i just started to not care so much. Even not following a diet I eat pretty well…. and stopped being so strict on myself…. which after about 6 months worked all the way up to happily munching on chocolate bars and eating chips from the chippy once in a while! OOPS.

After a recent stress/crisis induced relapse… It’s been a warning shot and I’m back on top of my diet…. or at least being very much more aware of what i buy and consume.

I’m never going to remain truly wheat free, bean free, and fun free whilst eating out etc… but I don’t have allergies. I just want to be avoid some of those leaky gut syndrome and as long as I do my best I’m sure that if i have the odd soya product or something with wheat flower in it it won’t be the end of the universe. I am going to do my best to stick to the ultra low saturated fat thing though… as i believe that lipids are our enemy!

I’m not quite back up to 50’s housewife habits yet…. but I am caring about what i eat!

I’m not sure i noticed the difference before… but i was relapse free for a really long time?

However I liked the feeling of control it gave me. It felt like i was being a little proactive at least…. if that makes sense?

5 years ago

I have had some inspiration from:

5 years ago

Thanks guys! … I’m gonna keep this short as I’m not having a great day, but now I am so 100 % totally sure diet plays a massive role in how I feel… Had a weak moment last night and ended up with a bag of kettle chips (I thought they were the kindest kinda crisps as they were baked and plain but am really feeling it today, thinking I also have sensitivities to nightshade foods too (potatoes in the crisps), when I look at my food diary I do feel worse after eating nightshades (peppers, tomatoes, potatoes!)…. That’s gonna be yet another no no for me but getting used to all the restrictions now….

Dave C ~ Pizza and beer…. Mmmmm what I wouldn’t do for lol… Totally know where you’re coming from!…. Think I may ask for some hypnotherapy to help me really enjoy my salad… 🙂

JustJones ~ Yeah I’m gonna have to face the fact my role is a 50’s housewife one too lol ….Oh how exciting…

Thanks guys xxx

5 years ago

Hi Cazzy
I use the Swank low fat MS diet and a little pure cannabis. I feel 90% cured. But i have to avoid a few things. I can walk five + miles without my stick and dig the garden. It sounds like you are on the right track. I think the saturated fat is the most important thing to avoid. do you know many with a similar approach to me?

5 years ago

Hi Michaeljohn… I hear of people with a similar approach to yours… Looks like green things edible and smokable really can benefit! I’ve just recently bought a vapourizer and hoping some weed can help… Walking that distance is great, good for you! And I am really hoping i can enjoy my garden again!

Best wishes xxx

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