xander 26/01/15
Last reply 3 years ago
struggling with life :(

where do i start
life seems to be smacking me in the face at the moment with a massive hammer like one of those sledge hammer things.
ive lost my job the dwp seem to think that i haven’t paid enough ni to get esa and as the wife has a job i can get anything ???? ive worked full time for the last 18 years and 31 hours for 1 year how is this even possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i had the council ot come over to look at changing the lay out of my house maybe putting in a stair lift and so on only to be told that i have to move ?????? as the house is not suitable as it will lose a parking space !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i have no idea how im meant to move as now i have no job or money how am i ment to get a mortgage grrrrr
time to start banging my head on a brick wall i think lol

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3 years ago

@xander , get yourself down the Citizen’s Advice Bureau. They have specialists who know what you can and can’t get. They’ll be able to give you some guidance on what to do next. 😉

3 years ago

Oh @xander that sounds awful, what a lot of stress you are having to deal with 🙁 I was just thinking that PIP isn’t based on what there is coming into your house money wise but financial support for you to help with your disability and one of the criteria is that you have had your disease for more than 3 months and you will have it for more than 9 months in the future and as MS is a “Critical” disease Ie: no cure then you may be able to pursue that route rather than employment support (??) if they are giving you no joy.. CAB defiantly the place for advise on where to turn for support also try the MS society or MS UK as they also have people who know about the law who could also help give you advise .. Best of luck and let us know what you find out *Note that getting PIP is easy and the waiting times are ridiculous but if you are entitled it maybe a small light at the end of a tunnel

3 years ago

sorry getting PIP is NOT easy.. don’t know where that Freudian slip came from.. 🙁 Sorry @xander

3 years ago

I get lower rate mobility for pip but have asked for a reassessment but got a letter saying that it will take more than 26 weeks to be assessed again

3 years ago

@xander , I suppose 26 weeks sounds better than saying 6 months!

Get your local MP involved if anything takes too long and you and your family start to suffer.

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