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I’m back again…

Ok so I’ve had a melt down today, ive had excruciating pain in my right eye towards the back of my head, my right arm was in pain from when I woke which moved to my left arm throughout the day. I was at work and found myself in tears a couple of times due to the pain.. I’m also due at an employment trial for the next 2 weeks and to top it all of my eye problem with the room / objectd moving is getting worse even when I close my eyes things move and my brain is again shaking from the inside like if its been shaken… I’m sick of my life again, it’s the same old cycle I’ve gone through over the past 12 months and I don’t wanna go through this again… fed up to say the least 🙁

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3 years ago

Oh @catfight I’m so sorry to read you are feeling so unwell.. are you able to take a bit of time out to relax at home..? Maybe a trip to your MS Nurse for advice on how to manage the pain..? Really hope you feel better soon. Best wishes

3 years ago

@katfight, yes, do bend the ear of your MS Nurse.

The pain going from arm to arm does not sound right. Now, you either need pain medication to manage that or, preferably, you need a consultation with a neuro-physio to try and understand the cause of it.

Secondly, Optic Neuritis presents its own set of problems. So, see if the MS Nurse could refer you onwards to an eye specialist to see whether they have any solutions to make the visual problems a bit more bearable, e.g. tinted lenses.

3 years ago

I agree with @stumbler, get to a physio. The arm pain could well be something non-MS, or rather, caused by the fact that the MS is putting strains on your muscular-skeletal frame. I had something similar before Christmas – excruciating pain in the buttock and groin area. Fortunately, I was being seen by a physio (not even a neuro-trained one) for something else. at the time. Even without examining me told me what the problem could be and identified muscle groups that were probably involved. She gave me two very easy exercises involving sitting on a tennis ball! I was pretty sceptical, but the pain disappeared after two days of doing them! One of the issues with MS is that one problem seems to morph into several… then you add the stress of having the problem in the first place and bingo – the problems multiply. Could you also arrange some aromatherapy massage? Whatever’s going on, it sounds as though your brain/head/full body would benefit from serious de-stressing. Lots of luck with this xxx Kay

3 years ago

Strange. I had deep pain in the top of my right arm that moved to the same pain in the left arm but over 3 months. Not same day.

3 years ago

I agree with Cameron, because we are slightly out of wack , we get odd muscular pains that can be treated and are not directly related to the ms.
Good luck

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