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Stressed and confused

Hi there

I’m Richard 34 and seeking some help
I have been having issues with numb hands pins and needles and aching back and knees
I’m getting very fatigued and snappy..
Went to docs last year as started getting bald patches ran the bloods and had no vitamin d at all put me on the supplements hair came back but still getting the pains ect.
Problem is it keeps coming and going by then time I get in for my 10 minute appointment I feel and look fine.
Doctors have said I need to see a neurologist but won’t see me until I have more blood work done.
Woke up yesterday feeling fine went to bathroom and out of no where excruciating pain in chest left side and back.
It was so bad I called an ambulance which for me is something once went to work with a broken ankle.
Got to a and e the doctor felt my stomach said I shouldn’t have called an ambulance I have just pulled a muscle. I felt so belittled up to now I have never abused the doctors or been into a and e. Called my doctors when I got home and he said I’m not sure what you want me to do right now 🙁
I’m much better today and back at work slight pain but otherwise OK. If it was a pulled muscle as bad as it was yesterday I would still be bad used to play rugby and know how that feels.
Has anyone got any suggestions on who I can speak to as this is becoming a real issue for me just feel like no one understands what I’m going through and they think I’m some hypercondriact 🙁

Sorry bit of a rant but just so down

Kind regards

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1 year ago

You have to just keep pushing to get a diagnoses, there are many other neurological problems that could be causing your symptoms. I had MS symptoms off an on for at least 10 years and my doctor thought I was a hypercondriac. He even knew I had two aunts who had MS, he finally sent me to a neurologist because he thought I had damaged a nerve in my elbow. It turned out to be a relapse, you need to get that blood work done. It takes a few months to get in to see a neuro. Potter

1 year ago

Hi there, @rich034 and welcome. I know how you found us (at Shift), ‘cos, in the absence of support from the NHS, you are trying to use Dr. Google to explain your concerns.

Now, that’s a bad move as Dr. Google can find you all kind of stories, which will scare the **** out of you!

Vitamin D3 deficiency can cause all manner of problems, including aching back. What dosage of supplement did you get prescribed? As a nation, we’re all deficient in this vitamin – blame the lousy weather!

And, I don’t blame you for calling the ambulance. You’re not medical, so you didn’t know what was going on.

So, a way forward? Start a symptom diary, where you can record all these unexplained problems. Then, when you next see the Doctor, you can create a summarised, chronological list of symptoms. Pass the list to the Doctor and ask them to explain them.

This will allow you Doctor to take an overall, holistic view of what’s going on.

Otherwise, try not to worry. You’re a rugby player!

1 year ago

Thanks I’m keeping a diary of what’s going on now for the past week.
I am trying to keep away from Dr Google 🙂

I was given d3 for a month and now just over the counter supplement vit d level up to what it should be.
I also have 2 people in the family who have ms but as it’s not heradatory just don’t seem to accept it.

I’ll try keep the persistence with the docs up

1 year ago

@rich034 , I take a vitamin D3 supplement of 5,000iu, which is somewhat above the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA).

So what dosage are you taking?

1 year ago

Not sure what the original lot was but needed a prescription for it
Now I just take the boots off the shelf a
Had some bloods done about 3 weeks ago and all was normal apart from slight out liver function tests but all my pain is on left side not right side

1 year ago

@rich034 , as a rugby player, you know all about strained muscles and whether you have one. So, if your bloods are now OK and the pain is still present, then badger your Doctor to explain it.

1 year ago

Yeah will do its just so hard when it feels like they don’t listen I explained to them I wasn’t doing anything to pull a muscle if I had been I could have accepted it.

Think the rugby days are over for me for a while lol

Much appreciated for the replies guess I’m just in that limbo of do I don’t have ms to be honest I’m not bothered if I do I just want to know one way or another what is going on

I know the NHS is stretched now and feel for the stuff but something needs to change

1 year ago

Hi @rich034 my experience (from myself & family members) is that whatever your issue it’s necessary to push the GP to get action. You just have to take a deep breath, gather any strength you cam muster & make it very clear to them that you need help & you’re going to keep demanding help until you get it! It’s tiring, it’s frustrating & it shouldn’t need to be that way but sadly it is. Wishing you lots of luck with it 😊

1 year ago

@rich034 , the NHS is stretched. But, if they dealt with patients in a timely and efficient manner, they’d save a lot of money!

1 year ago


Your health is definitely getting to a stage where you could get a disease. too much inflammation = disease.. I would take this as a warning to sort out your diet and lifestyle so that you are doing what you can yourself.
Also even more important for you if family members have MS too.
The standard chart that states over 50nmol is adequate is not enough d3. Most people need to be at least 150nmol. It regulates the immune system. I would say between 150 nmol upto 200 nmol is enough.
Also if you have back trouble you could go and see a chiropractor, physiotherapist or osteopath . I would say don’t wait. NHS lists are too long .
Seek out all the information you can on diet and lifestyle. Ive been doing that since I was diagnosed last year in July 2017. My health started to dog downhill in 2015 after a severe infection of Labyrinthtitus that triggered my MS but can’t be proven. .. That infection was a good indicator my lifestyle and diet were crap, but hindsight is a good thing to what I know now.

Take Care

Rachael x

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