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stress worry and all that other bs

How do other people find that stress and worry affects them?

I think … that it reeks havoc with my symptoms, like sleep, general well being etc. Just has a compounding effect on me. Really runs me down and its just a couple of things that are doing my head in that I can’t let go (non ms things)

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6 years ago

Stress really exacerbates my symptoms. Plus, I was once told anecdotally that the most “dangerous” period in terms of stressful times is when you’ve finally brought yourself out of a stressful situation and your body then has a chance to catch up on itself, which is when relapses can be more likely to happen. Not sure if this is medically supported or not, but again, anecdotally, I had my first relapse in about three years just when I started to get back on track after a time of real (non-MS) upheaval in my life.

If these things are bothering u so much that it’s starting to affect your health then I’d say you need to do something about it :-S Whether it’s practical or just talking about it with someone (hard to say without knowing the specifics!) – which could help to relieve some of the stress it’s causing. Especially because stress can often end up becoming a vicious circle, once its exacerbating symptoms. Hope that helps! x

6 years ago

I can put my major relapses down to stressful situations.
Now I chill out and worry about nothing. I can recommend you do likewise.

6 years ago

Yep, stress really gives me MS trouble. I’d been basically ok for 2 years after my first episode, then I started a very high stress job with long hours…..and began having relapse after relapse.
I’ve now quit that job for the sake of my health and began taking Tysabri at the same time.
Nearly 3 months and 4 infusions later and I feel brilliant, my balance is about 90% which it hasn’t been in a long while and my legs are really good again too. I think it’s much more the stress removal that’s the main contributor as, like I said, I’ve only had 4 infusions, one of those at the start of this week so not really time for it to be having a big effect I don’t think.
Now just need to find a new, more relaxing career path!

6 years ago

Thanks guys … yeah I’ve got some other personal stuff that I’d rather not get into on here that has been messing me up pretty good the last six months. Pretty sure that’s been a pretty big cause of everything that is going on.

I’m waiting the results of the JCV test and if that is negative for the anti-bodies I’m going to go onto Tysabri

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