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Stranger symptoms

Hi everyone 🙂 i’m new on this MS thing. I have a question:
how do you guys know if what you have is a symptom or not? I mean, i feel some weird things that lasts weeks and the stops or never go away, but i don’t know if they are common or not. I have had a few easy to describe symptoms like Lhermitte, or the Hug, or numbness but then i don’t know if what i have is fatigue or is just sadness (i don’t feel sad, but thats also strange cause this is quite recent) what i feel: when i walk or just standing i feel like if i weight 2 times more than my actual weight, since 4 days now. Another one is that all my body trembling when i lay at bed at night (after work out or not) this one since a years but sometimes dissapear and then comes back.
.And the strangest one is the smell, i smell different (myself) or i perceive it different (can’t be the medicine cause it was there before i started taking it) i don’t want to ask people to smell me.
Describe your weird feelings/ symptoms so i won’t feel alone. 🙂

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1 year ago

I’ve had weird symptoms that have not been commonly posted online too- which is still normal. I usually know it is a symptom if it lasts a abnormal amount of time, and causes me to actually notice a difference,
you should always talk about them with your doctor although to rule out if its anything else- and to also document it

1 year ago

@dd11 i know i should tell the doctor, but i think they don’t really care about the not common ones. Last month i had been with half of my head itching like crazy. Like insanely itching. (ruled out any dermatology issue) then i found that my neuro and another neuro dismissed it. But there is a lot of people that had experience things like that. At least i relax cause i wasnt crazy or making it up psycologycally.

1 year ago

@ceruleanblueee , wow, this is a veritable can of worms.

MS can present with all manner of symptoms, dependent on the location of the damage on your Central Nervous System (CNS).

Here’s a full list of potential symptoms:-

1 year ago

@ceruleanblueee do you have an MS nurse? If so this is always a good person to discuss things with first.

1 year ago

@craigsreddie no, not in my country.

1 year ago

Hi there, I do sympathise. Despite a great neuro, Shift, internet, MS nurse and other people I am further from understanding MS than when I started a year ago. I have had increasing weird skin semstations for 5 months. And yet, blood test Normal and no new leasions on MRI. So given that I am increasingly annoyed by odd things in weird places, what to do? My MS nurse is sweet but quite frankly, I bore myself talking to her because there are no answers. I have RRMS but my whole life seems like it’s one big relapse compared to life before diagnosis. But hey ho, I can’t change that and fortunately my symptoms are not severe. So, you are not alone; let’s keep hoping for continued medical breakthroughs in the coming years x

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