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Strange looks

I can still move around with the aid of a wheelchair/mobility scooter/Walker – unfortunately this also means that when I go to the supermarket I need to use a electric cart to get around. To cut a long story short, I do get some glaring looks because I am only a youngish Person (44) and a lot of the time people are just ignorant that you are there! Anyway that’s my rant for today ROFL.

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4 years ago

@moorcroft44 , being self-conscious is a terrible thing. That’s why I now couldn’t give a **** what someone I don’t know thinks about me. And, I’ve been like that since I was about 18!

It makes things a lot cheaper too as you don’t need to purchase so much Dutch courage!

Don’t make someone else’s problem your problem! πŸ˜‰

4 years ago

Hey Moorcroft

I agree with Stumbler, (I do struggle to do this but am trying), sometimes you really have to adopt the “don’t give a ####” attitude. People look at me often and make snide comments but I am trying to live my life with completley ignoring those who I will not have anything to do with in my life. In fact I often ignore them so that they are not there, call me ignorant yes, but in my experience alot of lifes idiots prey on those who they believe are easy targets. Even when they present to you in a friendly manner.

Don’t get me wrong, I want to fit in and stuff wherever I go, but for a compete stranger to cast a judgement on me and take the pi$$, then he/she can do one. Don’t give them the audience and they won’t be able to perform.

4 years ago

Yeah moorcroft44 you have to develop a thick skin and not give a toss.
I have become shouty woman on train….”excuse me sir, does your laptop NEED a seat”? Cuz you can bet he sure as hell only paid for ONE!
There are folks on here in 20’s and 30’s in wheelchairs…ppl can be ignorant but they can also be helpful too!
i bought a siren for the chair cuz in crowded malls folks often step right in front of moving ME and wonder why they are missing their ankles!

4 years ago

I’ve given up caring about the strange looks now… People can think what they like, I get a lot of disgusted looks from some elderly people who must think I am just plain lazy on my scooter lol

But there are a hell of a lot more good people out there than bad and most are very helpful and considerate πŸ™‚

As Stumbler says – Don’t make someone else’s problem your problem!

Enjoy everything as much as is possible πŸ™‚


4 years ago

im 35 covered in tats and get loads of funny looks parking in the disabled bays lol i use a wheelchair when i go out the house and i get loads of people challenging me but when thay see me in my chair it normaly stops them dead lol
i was at a village pub on friday and a lady started on my passenger as we should not be parked in a disabled bay and asked whos badge we were using i was sat in my chair behind a wall so she could only see my top half my m8 was just getting his smokes that hed left in the car on hearing the commotion i when down to sort it out and the lady went purple and stormed off i just had to laugh
ive even been challenged by a carpark security man before id even tryed to get out the car and again once my wife had got the wheelchair out he went red and said sorry
its becoming a bit of a game for me and my m8 to see just how red we can get them to go lol

4 years ago

I wanted to post about the times we live in and how some of us are being blamed for the financial situation, people are be primed to check we are not lying….. I typed some sentences….. But they made e feel sick for all of us, so I deleted them. Love you. Jx

4 years ago

i have to say its the older people that give me the most grief on the hole
ive been gobsmacked when the local want to be gangsta helped me up when i fell in tesco sending my shopping flying

3 years ago

I totally understand how you feel. Im age 30 and recently have to start using the electric scooter in Tesco or Asda. I can walk but not for long as my legs get very wobbly and fatigue kicks in. When I stand up to put my shopping at the checkout is the worst. Its as if you have to have no use of your legs to be able to use the scooter.

On the plus side, when I leave the supermarket, I still have energy to do anything else I want.

There needs to be more education about MS, the staring and judgements people make are horrible.

3 years ago

I know. i use wheelchair, but can stand. Supermarket aisles are crowded so i do get up. One time, some spuds fell on the floor. I have trouble bending down.
Random woman: did you knock them off?
Me: no they fell off (perfectly true)
She : tut!

5 mins later she sees me rounding corner in chair and comes over “i’m so sorry!! I didn’t realise…”
I’d already forgotten about it!

3 years ago

@reddivine great coment ha ha I don’t give a toss x

3 years ago

I know I feel very embarrassed of my tremor I’m very conscious of it and also when my words won’t cone out properly . Its really frustrating . We cant worry all the time what others think . You have to do the best thing for you in your life so you can manage other areas better like having more energy or if it help with not getting so fatigued.

3 years ago


That woman can spud off – her comment says something about her and not you.

Forgetting about it and getting on with things is the best thing you can do for your own Mental health.

I tend to find how people are changes on if I have my crutch or not. At uni people are great, however its as if people at the supermarket at another breed completely: Its as if survival skills are primed and people are hunting!

3 years ago

I have a cotton bag, I do a lot of printing etc at home. It just says ‘It’s MS’ on it. I considered printing ‘F*** off’ on the other side for those that keep staring.

My friend has cerebal palsy and he gets treated like he’s wrong in the head (he’s actually doing his PhD) so he likes to pile it on thick with the silly faces etc which can be funny on the bus! πŸ˜€

Ignore. I’m also fat, so they probably stare more at that.


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