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Stiff legs

Hi all
I think I have spasticity (hate that word so much )in my legs . But how would a neuro measure this … Can they by testing me ?its really bothering me and would like it confirmed as I have a habit of thinking I have things, like thought had foot drop and don’t . Been given amitriptiline by a doctor but she seemed clueless . Got my first neuro app in six weeks

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3 years ago

@katjay hate the word to.. I’m not sure how they would measure this. My consultant told me I had it after a description I gave. It went away for me after a while tho 🙂

3 years ago

@katjay , don’t think too badly of your GP. They are “General” Practitioners and know a little bit about everything. MS can still be a bit of a grey area for them.

Always consider having a word with your MS Nurse first about what you think are MS issues. They will liaise with your Neuro and GP, where appropriate.

But for spasticity (and I hate the word too), you may need to be prescribed Baclofen. This is a muscle relaxant. Just be aware that you need to find the right dose for you. Too much and it will relax the muscles too much, which can give rise to other walking difficulties (Jelly legs!)

But, also have a read through here, , and see if there is a non-drug solution which may work for you.

3 years ago

There is a way that they can measure spasticity (I hate that word too, we need to rethink it). I have botox in both calves every three months or so. Before they administer it, a physio or doctor does the same thing. They get my foot and move it upwards to stretch the muscle beyond its natural point. They count the number of ‘beats’ it moves for. They tick the box, then give me my botox. It doesn’t hurt, it just feels funny, but I’m used to it now. A good neuro physio can measure spasticity. I started on baclofen, and I felt like there was glue on the floor when I walked. I thought it was me. Once it stopped snowing and warmed up, I went for an assessment at physio. I remember lying there as the physio did the muscle stretching thing, and she told me tbe baclofen wasn’t working on my hip muscle. I wasn’t going mad! She said in the scale of spasticity she had seen worse, but she could see it was a problem for me. I moved onto Tizanidine after that. Finding a good physio you can trust really matters.xx

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