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Steroids/optic neuritis

Hey guys,
So I’m coming onto week 8 of a flare up, which most notably involves optic neuritis in my left eye. I have just finished my therapeutic dosing of oral Prednisone (1250 mg for 5 days) and starting the taper tomorrow. I haven’t noticed a big difference in my eye sight at all which is making me panic a little bit because I really can’t have this be a permanent thing. Just wondering what other peoples experience has been with steroids and how long they take to work to clear a flare-up. Thanks in advance! xx

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1 year ago

I had optic neuritis pretty bad in 2015. There wasn’t much improvement on the steroids initially. I would say it probably took about 6 weeks for my eye to go back to normal. The first thing that came back was the colour vision, then slowly my peripheral vision and eventually the cloudiness gradually disappeared too. A visit to the opticians later showed that my prescription had got worse by about -0.25 but since I’m pretty short sighted anyway that hasn’t had a massive impact! Give it time. It’s frustrating but it will get better.

1 year ago

@sm050 , with steroids, expect to see improvements of the course of the following 6 – 8 weeks.

The steroids address the inflammation that is causing the flare up, which allows your body to start the recovery. But, you do need to rest up to allow your body to get on with it.

Good luck.

1 year ago

I was on steroids for OP in my left eye too back in 2016. Unfortunately my sight didn’t massively improve. However I had another relapse in Feb just gone (really really poor balance and feeling in the left hand side of my face completely gone) and it took about a week of oral steroids before I felt any improvements. My balance and feeling in my face has returned and I’m back to normal so its really hard to say, relapses are different for everyone and every relapse is different. The main thing I can say to you is stick to the steroids for the full course of treatment and take it easy! Seriously, take all the time off work/college/whatever for the length of time you are on the steroids and put yourself first.
Best of luck x

2 months ago

Hey folks

Can see this thread is a year old but hoping someome can help.

I am on day 2 of oral steroids 500mg for 5 days after a second bought of optic neuritis.

How did you guys find the night times, sleeping, acid reflux and sensitivity to light? I’m personally a pretty heavy sleeper but find that it’s difficult to get a solid amountof sleep, which i would assume is detrimental too the whole getting rest thing.

Any advise on how to grab some extra ZZZ’S

2 months ago

@guy_mckeag , sleep problems are a very short term effect of High Dosage Steroids. So, hang in there and your normal service will soon be resumed in a day or so.

2 months ago

@guy_mckeag my neurologist gave me a light sleeping pill to help with catching some sleep, you could ask them for a script if your having a lot of trouble

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