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Staying cool….any ideas?

Hey. Its just turning summer here and I’m desperate to figure out a way to keep cool while at work. I have a fairly physical job and work in a very warm room. Now that summer is here it is terrible and heat makes my symptoms worse.

Any ideas on how to stay cool when I can’t jump in a shower or whatever? How do you deal with the heat of summer?

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6 years ago

I’ve started using cooling neck wraps, I’ve learned that I need to use them even if I don’t think I’m overheating! They really help. I actually started an etsy shop selling them cause I like them so much. I don’t know if I can post links here, but if you search “Coolzies” on etsy or google you’ll find them. I’m also making a donation to our MS Walk next year for each one I sell. I used to love feeling cozy and warm, but now I feel better if I’m slightly on the cold side, cause it’s such a fine line between being comfortable and being too warm…

6 years ago

I wear loose clothes…XL t-shirts and really baggy jeans. Water helps too, but with the incontinence it makes me not drink a lot. Also made me like a spy…I always make sure I have an exit strategy in place…know where all the toilets are etc.

6 years ago

yeah…I’m big on the baggy clothing at work. Don’t have to deal with customers too often so its easy to get away with.

@jat721 – I’m actually trying something similar tonight. I have an ice pack I can wrap about my neck while I move about…and my partner suggested a frozen water bottle in my pocket when I can.

Going to try it all out and see how it works. I’ve always been one for suuuper warm summer days and being super comfy…but I find I just can’t take the heat anymore.

Thank you so much for the replies! I appreciate the help!

6 years ago

I run cold water over my wrists to help cool me down. Works a treat!

Move to England!!
No seriously, splashing cold water on my face and cold water of the wrists does the trick for me. Also wet your hair a bit.

6 years ago

I work in a 90% women dominated office and they tend to have heating on right up until June. It kills me I am always hot and hate it. I do the wrist thing its great and (sorry to offend) I strip off as soon as i get home at the end of the day.
I really hate being warm makes me really grouchy. 🙂

6 years ago

Awesome! Thank you for all the advice…sounds like I will have to start running water over my wrists and such when I get overheated at work.

6 years ago

Some type of spray/water bottle 😛 You can even keep it in the fridge to make sure the water stays cool!

6 years ago

try carrying them little fans around if you can and boots do a small cold spray but cold warter in a spray bottle works. but do try the fan

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