5 years ago

Who ever invented stairs should seriously be ashamed. Probably the same who invented slippery pavements… If it is that one they call god, we seriously have a score to settle!

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PEOPLE INVENTED STAIRS, GOD INVENTED MS. i’m gonna whack him with ma crutch if ever we meet.

@christgate who ever it was ought to be ashamed. God if he is really there ought to be if possible even more ashamed!

He and the Easter bunny both have a history of running away with shame. I mean really he has not been around for quite a loooooooobg time. is that a responsible way to act???


When i meet her, god that is, i will do a lot more than hit her with my crutch.

Now that kind of sexist attitude, @openminded, doesn’t go down well with the ladies! 😆


Please do not assume god is a man.

I’ve given up assuming anything these days…………

I am so sick of this bloody disease! I have just been contacted by two students. I can’t say no to any of them. Damn!!!

It’s the person who invented the spiral stair case and the person who thought it would be a good idea to have a stair case without a bannister who should be ashamed!!

Hear hear to you all ! Femke xx

I have to agree with everything. Seems, that people are building house without thinking that one day they will not be able to walk them up or down..

Back in 1989, we moved into a bungalow. A couple of years later, we had a loft conversion and put the bedroom upstairs!
If only I could have seen this coming! 😮

I know, I think it is surprise for everyone involved.

The woman who we bought our house from had some sort of rheumatism and used a wheelchair from time to time. We replaced all the lever taps and removed the second handrail and the grab rail over the bath. Then the MS hit me and we now have lever taps, a second handrail and a level access shower with a half door. They’re all a bit nicer than the ones we took out but I do resent the money we spent on the first set of replacement taps! C’est la vie!

I moved into my flat about 2 years ago, I stay on the first floor of a block of flats which have several sets of concrete stairs leading to it,as well as sitting on a very steep hill. on my worst days my legs are like jelly and I really struggle with stairs so I have had a couple of accident since ms, some which have landed me in hospital therfore I have to move to somewhere safer for me. I do not own my house but I am still very gutted because I have spent a fortune making it look nice, money that I have spent on the flat and garden that I worked hard for just gone. I like my flat and thought I was going to stay for a long time I never thought that I could possibly end up with ms and not cope with the location.

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