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Spasciticy at night on the legs

Dear all,

Is anybody using any medication at night for the legs to avoid them moving . Mine bend upwards and I cannot pull them down because I’m too weak .

The MS nurse is suggesting something like gabapentin pregabalin she said no to sleeping tablets, is anybody doing something about it ? It keeps me awake many nights …. this urgent need to straighten the legs ….

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9 months ago

@mmhhpp , Magnesium may help.

Otherwise, Baclofen is usually the drug of choice. It’s a muscle relaxant.

9 months ago

Hi I also get that too, I take 15mg baclofen before bed my advice would be to keep away from pregabalin, unless you get nerve pain

9 months ago

I take a really small dose of clonazepam, it helps relax my legs, stop the spasms and helps me sleep. It’s prescribed by my neurologist.

9 months ago

I have the same problem. Prescribed baclofen which has had no effect.
I was thinking of asking the same question as you..haha.
The urge to leg straighten is overwhelming and that in itself is painful, especially as a male and you can’t quite feel where your tackle is at the time!
As Robb says I would steer clear of the pregabalin route, hearing more and more about its nasty side effects.
MS nurse will only look at his/her list of ‘allowed’ medication… they aren’t a lot of use quite frankly.
I’ve never heard of clonazepam so I can’t comment on lm24.
I recently tried cannabis tincture and it got me off to sleep ok for about 2 hours.
Trouble was, I woke at 2 am for my usual trip to the to the toilet… and found my legs didn’t work at all!
Swings and roundabouts I guess. lol.

9 months ago

Thank you all for the advice. I tried baclofen and tizanidine in the past without success. I think clorazepan was mentioned i will investigate this route and magnesium chloride again.xx

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