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Someone please help !!! :(

As some of you know i havent been diagnosed as yet but in the past few days as well as some of the other symptoms i am suffering leg drop .. but today i have severs cramp feeling down my leg to the point where it feels almost paralised , is this normal im so worried , doctors are a joke and i feel like i cant ask them everything i want to know as you dont get enough time in an appointment … thanks in advance folks xx

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6 years ago

Gods I am right there with you on the ‘doctors are a joke’ comment! I suffer from severe muscle spasticity and also from foot drop on my bad days. For me…the extreme muscle cramps and spasms in my leg is apart of normal everyday life. A while back I had a full leg spasm/cramp. From my butt all the way down to my toes. Every muscle in my left leg seized up for a few minutes and any time I move after it had passed threatened to do it again. It was extremely painful.

Sadly muscle spasticity seems to be a normal occurrence with MS (from what I’ve heard….as for my experience…its normal for what I have…whatever that may be)

Only things I have learned to help combat the spasticity are stretching (especially during the cramp. If you can try to lengthen the muscle gently it may help lessen the severity of the spasm) and trigger point massage (using a lacrosse ball or a foam roller and going over the muscle to help force it to lengthen and relax. I only do this when I am not experiencing a muscle cramp…its more of a maintenance thing.)

6 years ago

well ive had this in my leg for 3 days now and the cramps are getting worse, it doesnt go away at all and is putting pressure on my back so i look ridiculous trying to walk . i have young kids so i cant afford to sit around and rest xx

6 years ago

I completely understand. During my last flare up I was walking like an 80 year old due to pain and spasticity. Try icy-hot or another topical muscle relaxant along with Turmeric and Cayenne pepper capsules taken with meals. These are supposed to help but I have just started trying them so I am not sure how well they actually do. And again yoga, gentle stretch of the leg muscles as often as you can and a foam roller really helps lengthen muscles. You can get them at any sports store like Sports Authority or Dicks Sporting Goods.

Other then that…I don’t know. I haven’t been able to deal with this problem with any certainty either.
If you have the option to see your doctor (GP or neuro) I would definitely see if you can get some strong muscle relaxants and those should help.

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