katiecog 17/01/17
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Sleepless nights and teary afterwards…

Hello everyone, does anyone here suffer with insomnia from time to time? I didn’t sleep a wink lastnight and am on the verge of tears all day…. Maybe not even MS related? Let me know if anyone else goes through this. Thanks !

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1 year ago

well @katiecog….Yeah I know the feeling, The mythalpredisalone? (think thats how its spelt) high dose steroids i was prescribed gave me horrible insomnia, combined with severe hiccups, like you left me with little to no sleep, as for the emotions… they ran riot….could’nt hear or watch anything with any sad or emotional content…i did put it down to side effects of my MS, but like you am intreated to know if maybe not MS related?.

Hope you have a better night Jx

1 year ago

Thanks @red-suzuki it’s good to know, I’m not completely mad. Little walks on the beach are my medicine, just had one and haven’t cried in a full thirty minutes. Haha.

1 year ago

wow…beach…..That is some medicine…..that would do it for me too…..enjoy…..well hope it lasted longer than thirty minutes for you…….. hmmmmm as for completely mad……………well that I can’t really say 🙂 Jx

1 year ago

Hi Katie

yep I’m with you I have always had bouts when I don’t sleep even well before MS, I always said the difference between an insomniac & me is I don’t worry about it, I’ve learnt not to over think not going to sleep & can spend the night listening to music or meditating,
The sleep thing I’ve picked up since MS has a clinincal name but I can’t remember it,
it’s when you are asleep but are totally aware of your situation, you wake refreshed as normal but have the odd feeling you actually saw the whole night through,
TTFN & sweet dreams

1 year ago

I was given sleeping pills for my insomnia. My doctor said it’s related to the MS. Hopefully you’ve been able to get a full night’s rest since.

1 year ago

Thanks @tog1 I’ll take your advice in the future….not worrying and just going with things seems to be the best way of coping.

Thanks too @Iktimbebomb I got a great sleep lastnight so hopefully won’t need medication. *fingers crossed*

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