5 years ago
short temper

hope all is as good as it can be…………..I have found myself recently getting very short tempered with family and friends and don’t know i’m doing it until I sit back and look at why the argument started. Don’t know if it’s the drugs or i’m just a grumpy old git like my son say’s.

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That’s funny my son says the same thing!!
I think my excuse is the fatigue. When i’ve been at work all day i’m not really in the mood for playing Star Wars and Harry Potter. I try but i am grumpy!! Also short with my girlfriend too….she thinks i’m grumpy as well!!!

Do you find your more grumpy in the evening as opposed to the morning??

I’ve had that a bit as well … things just get to me and want to break stuff! haha haven’t had that for a while but you’re not alone.

I get very touchy and snappy when I’m tired too. But there are days I wake up just feeling like I could punch someone. I don’t know why that is, but I will warn my family and co-workers when I’m in rare form so they know to keep their distance. 🙂 About a year ago, I started having some serious ‘rage’ issues and found it was due to my Avonex. After stopping it, with the advice of my neuro, I was a lot sweeter. I don’t know which therapy you’re on, but it may be worth talking to your doc about, if you’re having extreme mood swings.

see when i do that i just think its me being a teenager but i do it for no reason, well especially when am tired i get very snappy and start arguments

I was thinking of writing something similar as I’m very grumpy at the moment! For me it’s when I get home from work – as I’m so busy at work currently and when I get home, I have to cook and the other boring household chores. My husband is pretty useless in the domestic arena and the most annoying thing is when I suggest what to have for dinner and he doesn’t want that. But does he suggest? No! Grrr. So yes, I get super grumpy when im tired and as I’m getting frustrated with work, that’s not helping either.

Oops, bit of a rant but my venting is over now : ) By the way, husband did redeem himself last week when I had to work late – came home to a tidy house and he had mopped the kitchen floor… But I forgot that just now as I was too busy being grumpy/ short tempered!

Hmm, that was meant to say ‘nothing’ instead of no!

Zoe don’t put it down just to teenage hormones; from what I remember, mine had settled down by your age. I blame bloody ms – on the surface I am chilled, but when I walk I get so mad at what my body has done to itself. If it’s about being a teenager, I have been stuck in teenage mode for twenty years. Blame the MonSter, it deserves it x

My tolerance has virtually disappeared… Don’t know why but I think it’s frustration due to this joyful condition. Never directed at ppl but at inanimate things. My poor laptop and bike suffer verbal tirades at times… Not good…

thanks for the info……least i know its not just me……still i have to have a moan now and again otherwise people might think theres something wrong with me 😀


I get suuuuper grumpy when I’m tired or struggling with fatigue. The pain and such don’t get to me….its being tired! Especially when I’m having a hard time sleeping. Makes me a B!%@&

i have a stupidly short temper now and im terrible with the ones closest to me its really strange tho as i fly off the handle then after 10 mins i think that was syupid and im fine again. feel so sorry fory gf must be horrible for her.

I do actually find that I’m not as peaceful now…well ever since I started Avonex. Also started listening to a lot of angry music…but I think that actually helps me release my anger. Also, not really angry, but just get really irritated with little things…like not being able to untie my shoe laces and stuff…

I can relate to all of you. Quick, hot, ugly fits…then its over and I feel like a dumbass/monster, depending on the situation. I also find I can easily get tearful too. I feel like I’m on an emotional roller coaster most days that I unfortunately take those closest to me along for the ride. I’m just greatful they love me enough to hold on tight. :'(

I get road rage…I hate it when people don’t anticipate things. Because of ms I am always thinking two steps ahead, so I hate it when the traffic lights turn green and the person in front of me checks his mirrors (all of them!) puts into first gear, touches the accelerator, feels the “bite” and then takes the hand brake off.
It pisses me off how some people are so slow

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