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Sheffield Meet-Up – Sunday 7th April

Hello everyone

I’m doing the Shift MS side of things for this meet up. @zoeb doing the other communication .

SAVE THE DATE – Sunday 7th April at midday onwards in Sheffield.

We had a great meet up last time with 8 MSers, a couple of partners and Elli and Amy from Shift MS. A few of you could not come so hope we will see you this time. We had folks from as far afield as Stoke and as near as Rotherham as well as Sheffielders. All welcome

We just hung out and chatted last time in the cafe at the Showroom. We are looking for a new venue but the format will be the same. Meet up eat, drink in varying ways according to what you want. There will be vegan options wherever we go. There will of course be lots of laughs and MS stories.

Let me know via the board or a private message if you are interested and I’ll be in touch with more details as they emerge.

Keeeeeeep dancing!

Love Soca

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1 month ago

Sunday may be a good day for me, I would be interested, please give me details, thank you

4 weeks ago

Hi Roger
We are just landing the venue as I am going to scope it out for accessible travel from the station and parking. I think it’s Ok but want to be sure.

Back to you shortly via Private Message- will “friend”

Anyone else interested or got questions then let me know

All the best

4 weeks ago

appreciated, thank you. I drive to Sheffield area often so where ever you locate it I hope to be there

4 weeks ago

I wish I was still. Living in Sheffield. Have a great time.

3 weeks ago

Thanks @strictlysoca I am really excited about the next meet up and hope the people who couldn’t come last time can make it this time.

Perhaps I can go and post on the last message and see if anyone wants to join?


2 weeks ago

Awesome thanks @zoeb. Hope we have a venue bu end of today! Here’s hoping

6 days ago

Hello fine folk of Sheffield and beyond

After much research including brunch and approaches to nearby cafes, we have concluded that the Showroom cinema is going to be the venue after all due to the best accessibility.

For those of you who came last time, we have been assured that we have the small side room so it will be a bit quieter and less hard on brain fog 🧠 🌫 (emoticon crazy)

It’s getting closer to the date now so hope you all can make plans.


Keeeeeeep dancing (in your heart at least) 💚✨

6 days ago

Just tagging in some folks from the February thread for an update.
Hope to see there

@double07hud @kitty369 @superman @dvtrv @grandma @ianc @alex_knowles @stallionicchampionic

6 days ago

Thanks for the update @strictlysoca x

Hi @strictlysoca thanks for reminding me about this. Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it again. Simply this time because it’s a day before school (work!) and I don’t think my energy levels will let me do both to any reasonable standard!!

Sorry……apologies again!!

4 days ago

@stallionicchampionic Aww perhaps we need to think about school holidays as a work around 🤔 know the feeling of needing Sunday clear as a teacher who doesn’t teach now 👩‍🎓

4 days ago

great, I take it Sunday 7th Showroom Cinema, now, I know that I am a little slow, times and full address as I will travel from Worcester and stay over on Saturday, making a weekend of it. Sorry to be a pain *************@******** my email my monthly blog and it has my mobile number. I rarely, well never, attend MS get togethers but somehow I think this will be fun


PS. email address removed to protect privacy. – Admin (Stumbler)

4 days ago

For @rogersouthall , here’s some details about the location.

@strictlysoca and @zoeb , the times seem to be missing from the comments above.

4 days ago

cheers, will be there

4 days ago

Hi thanks @stumbler

We are meeting at 12.30 on Sunday 7th April at the Showroom Cinema cafe.

Will private message @rogersouthall with my contact details as well

Hope to see peoples


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