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Seeking wellness tips

It’s been a couple of months since I posted. I am sadly still struggling with daily fatigue and lightheadedness. I wake up every day and hope it’s not there but it is. Plus I am so moody I feel depressed I am going to see a psychiatrist for maybe depression medicine. I appear as just lazy, but I’m not! I literally just don’t feel good. Anyway I am open to any tips for increasing energy and feelings of well being! I would exercise but not drastic.. I’m curious about any holistic options, diet changes, vitamins. I need a new regimen. I am quite miserable. I can’t seem to get it together since my last flare up nearly one year ago. Now I am having a bout of dizzy but mainly only in the mornings until about noon. I keep saying ‘I’m not a morning person’ but I really think it’s more than that. I am not on dmt currently I will be if my next MRI in June shows increased me activity. I’m 50 I was hoping this would be a good time of life but it is not! Any help my friends is greatly appreciated!

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1 year ago

@angieh hi Angie, I am newly diagnosed and not on treatment yet but I have been very proactive on researching alternative healing. I will be starting the AIP (autoimmune protocol) diet tomorrow so I can keep everyone updated with how it’s impacting me. After I get in and talk to the MS clinic in my city, I want to further explore acupuncture and see a naturopath. I would discuss with your GP something for the depression though. I have struggled with an anxiety disorder all of my adult life and probably will discuss something for that as well. Good luck!

1 year ago

@angieh , you don’t need a psychiatrist to tell you that you’re depressed. You’re dealing with a long term condition, which is having a marked impact on you quality of life. I’d be surprised of you weren’t depressed.

Have a chat with your family doctor about a script for some anti-depressants to lift your mood. You could also get your Vitamin D3 and B12 levels checked too at the same time.

Don’t worry about “appearing” lazy. If anyone thinks that, that is their problem.

Exercise is important, just to maintain muscles. Were not talking about training for a marathon, just gentle stuff, which could be achieved sitting down, if necessary. Check out YouTube for ideas.

Diet and general wellbeing ideas are many and varied. You could do worse than have a browse of as a starting point.

Life is what we make of it, so you just need to relocate your mojo. 😉

1 year ago

Dear Angieh, I am surprised you, and anyone else with ms isn’t on at least a low dose of anti depressant. Only 3 months ago my ms nurse made me double my dose (for s short while) I was in a really bad way, and they finally decided to change my medication which was no longer working and I made a comment about reducing my current low dose to next to nothing ( I don’t believe in taking any thing I don’t have to) when she said,quite strongly, that now was not the time, in fact one needs at least 10mg of Paroxetine daily just BECAUSE one had ms and I needed 20mg a day until the medicine changeover and everything else (PIP appeal, loosing Mobility car etc.,) was sorted out so don’t feel bad about it. I’m 61, have ms had for 25 years, am now on my own, take everything that’s offered, make your own decisions, and if you need a ‘duvet’ day have one!

1 year ago

Hi, I am sorry to hear you are not having a good time at the moment but I hope you take some sort of comfort in knowing that you are not alone. Your words echo how I feel the majority of the time… especially the whole ‘morning’ thing. My alarm goes off in the morning and I feel so rough every day I want to cry. At the weekends it takes me a good few hours to wake up and ‘thaw out’. I often feel extremely depressed with a few extreme swings every week or so of happiness. It’s all quite tiring! I am not yet on any dmd’s… I got diagnosed a year ago but my then neurologist failed to follow me up and referred me to a retired ms nurse. I chased all year long and finally saw my new neurologist last week who has advised I start some dmd’s. I am quite scared and feeling very low at the moment.

However, I take vitamin D supplements every day in case they do help, say no when I can’t fit something in my schedule, try to get as much decent sleep as possible and take duvet days if and when I need to. I’m currently going through disciplinaries at work because of my sickness absence which I am trying to challenge which doesn’t help stress levels and is extremely tiring.

Have you ever thought about taking a short course in something that interests you? I study as well as work full time and it really helps to take my mind of things and put my energies into something productive.

I hope sharing stories have provided you with some comfort. We are all in this together!!
Amy x

1 year ago

Ps: I am 28 And also thought this was supposed to be a good time in my life! X

1 year ago

Honestly the best thing is to get out and exercise, I know this sounds rubbish when you’re tired but I find sticking my music in my ears and going for a walk really helps calm and chill me out. It also counteracts the fatigue feeling as I always feel happy once I’m out and I’ve done it which will lift your mood too 😊.

I also take vitamin d, I do think once spring comes along, and the 🌞 comes out that it will lift the mood alittle too 😊. Being out in the sunshine always lifts mine 😊.

Take care

1 year ago

Hi. I would try the OMS site or, better still, the book, which you can get through the site, for lots of good tips on diet, meditation and exercise which can all help with mood and symptoms, according to the site/book creator, a medic with a holistic view. There are lots of other diets people follow – Wahls being one. OMS is fish and plant based – and maybe a bit less restrictive than some, depending on what your diet is normally! Good luck☺.

1 year ago

Silly comment. It is your body that has MS not you, do the best with what you have. Your day is probably full of failures which will bring you down. Look for the achievements, they are there and fill your day with them. You will feel a lot better at the end of the day when you think back. Try anything that you think may help, Placebo is acceptable. Do not measure yourself against “able” people, be differently abled and enjoy it. I have PPMS, had it for 18 years but I always look for achievements.


1 year ago

I take amantadine for fatigue. Diagnosed 28yrs. Other meds available to help with fatigue and other symptoms ms presents ask nurse or consultant.

1 year ago

I’m going to try this diet. Googling OMS. Now cuz it sounds similar maybe.

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