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Saying hello

I was diagnosed with Active multiple sclerosis about 2ish years I have been on tysabri for just over a year now and it has stabilized my ms so even though I’m not getting better I’m not getting any worse

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5 months ago

Hello @poohbear67. I guess one couldn’t really ask for more, given that we cant yet cure this monster. It’s good that you have a DMT that appears to work for you, so many people struggle to find the right fit. Feeling stable is a positive I guess, even though we’d all like to be rip-roaring healthy. Take care, I hope to experience balance and good health 🙂

5 months ago

I hope you do experience balance and good health , being stable is better than getting worse but one day in the near future they will find a cure and we can all be happy and healthy

5 months ago

Hi there that’s really good tysabri has the best success rate for relapses just make sure sure you concentrate on the all things being well as opposed to the worry that they won’t be your most likely to relapse or attack if your stressing xxx

5 months ago

Plus you will notice how better you are in a while. My Ms was very active a being on tysabril just stops the relapses after a couple of years i could function so much better well 90 per cent because your brains that breathing space it needs to start sending messages through different routes 3rd your brain is amazing it will adapt give it time give your self time. The most important thing for you at this time is not that your feeling better but gratitude had no relapses just take care of you so your brain can make you better…and it willxxx

5 months ago

Hello there, poohbear67.

I too was diagnosed with active RRMS last summer, after two relapses in quick succession last year, the second of which put me in hospital for three weeks. My neurologist got me onto Tysabri pretty quickly. I have just had my eighth infusion. It’s done the job, in that I have had no further relapses since. I get major fatigue, and some joint pain, but I can cope with that, given the alternative…

I’m still jc-, which is a bonus, because I would happily stay on Tysabri for as long as possible. I’ve heard nothing but good things about it.

All the best.


5 months ago

Hi all,
Sorry for not getting back sooner,
I have been busy with hospital appointments and doctors appointments,
My neurologist is happy with everything and that the Tysabri is working .
I hope everything is well with you all .

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