5 years ago
Sativex Prescription Difficulties

It’s been great to finally receive Sativex as I’ve found it to be bloody wonderful. My problem? My doctor is away this week and she is the only doctor locally that has the licence to prescribe it. This means I have to make the meds last twice as long. I’d just managed to escape much of the worst symptoms thanks to Sativex.I hate rationing! You’d think there was a bloody war on!

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if you can do as I have get your G.P to mark the sativex on your records as a repeat. I have no problems even if my G.P who has the licence to prescribe to me is away.

@sarah0martin, is this the only Doctor in your local practice? They should surely provide some cover for repeat prescriptions, etc. ❓

Doc and I talked about repeat prescriptions. She said it wasn’t possible currently but I’m going to try and see her next week.

Funny as I’m aching already as I try and reduce the dose. Stuff of life this!!! Yeah, right….

Good luck in your efforts, @sarah0martin.

Can’t they send a text message to the MD? I did that over Christmas break and he replied with a script later that day. (My doctor is great). For the future, lay in an extra supply of Sativex just in case, or find a substitute for when you need it.

Aye, me and the doc need to chat. We are hoping to hide in the crowd as they change the PCT system to be included a much wider area. Don’t want to attract too much attention. I’d like the medicine to be more established in my body. It they then try and deny me it…. I’ll accuse them of increasing my disability and forcing me back onto the black market.

Ultimately, the Tories will be responsible. They are the “Nasty Party” are they not? How loud will I shout? 🙂 BBC contacts…

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