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Hello, I did not receive a diagnosis, as I am currently in the process of having neurological exams; my MRIs are still a couple of weeks away. I have experienced neurological symptoms for 3 months, which have been quite varied: burning sensations in the right foot, with a decreased energy in the leg that appears to fluctuate from a day to another; aches in both calves for about 1 weeks at the start. Burning pain in the back as well for about two weeks (that was my first symptom); random burning sensations throughout my body for about one month. Little spasms from time to time there and there; and now lastly my left hand and front harm feel somehow weaker and have sensations of cold/hot/nerve pain in it since two weeks now; it is intermittent and not constant. When I say weaker, I would describe it more as being lazy, or with a bit less energy, as I need to invest more effort in order to do something, but no one around me,however, would notice a difference, as they both remain active.

Anyway, I read that people with RRMS have symptoms that last only a couple of weeks most of the time, and then these resolve or partially resolve themselve. PPMSs tend to have permanent symptoms that worsen over time, gradually without any form of remission.

Being a man in his mid-20s, I know that statistically, if I was to have MS (this would be my first flare), I would be more likely to have RRMS. However, as my symptoms have not stopped since more than three months now, even though they have varied in “form” and intensity, I was wondering whether that would be indicative of PPMS? I would have expected, for a potential RRMSer, to have her/his symptoms that eventually go away and to only come back later…

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated 🙂

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1 year ago

Hi @frankenstein and welcome.

You’re getting a bit ahead of yourself, by diagnosing your own condition. Yes, all these symptoms could be a sign of MS, but the symptoms present in a range of other conditions too. Hence, all the tests being requested by the Neuro, to eliminate as much as possible, to allow them to come to a diagnosis.

Be patient, the body is complex.

As for your comparison of RRMS and PPMS, there is a common misconception that only PPMS is progressive. Whilst PPMS does involve a gradual deterioration, with no remission, RRMS is also progressive. Remissions do try to return all of the lost function, but the recovery is never 100%, so it is a gradual decline, but with peaks and troughs.

1 year ago

I have met RRMSers who had relapses that lasted a long time it is not so easy to decide… I have PPMS and my symptons started out very subtle and slowly intensified (over years in my case)… In spent a long time meeting MS peoples and the symptoms of the different MS types are so varied and cross over. All in good time and All the best

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