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Restless Leg Syndrome?!!!!

Hey everyone!

I was just wondering if any of you ever suffer from this? It is all to do with Dopamine in the brain or rather lack of, which MSers can have a deficiency!

Anyway my right leg is going crazy at the moment and its so uncomfortable! I used to get it sometimes at night but I have not had it in ages and it started at about 3.30pm, today at work and is driving me crazy!

Any remedies to ease it would be great to hear!
Thank you! xxx

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4 years ago

@k*s , we know why we get this annoying problem, but there may be some solutions to try in this list:-

4 years ago

Only thing that works for me is a warm bath.. not that convenient at 2 a.m. but is better than losing a night’s sleep !

4 years ago

Thanks @cameron and @stumbler!
Before dinner I went for a hot shower n blasted my ankles, which did ease it off! But ooft did it take it out of me, so it was an early night with a lot of wriggling, but woke up feeling great!

Cheers xxxx

4 years ago

Hi @k*s … What works for me is avoiding foods that make it worse and sleep!

If you eat as you usually eat and keep a food diary you can pinpoint easily what makes your RLS worse – it is caused by inflammation.

The foods that make it worse for me are nightshades – especially potatoes – so I no longer eat nightshades… Also if I have too much fat in my diet…. Everyone is different though and the foods that cause inflammation for you might be a different type.


4 years ago

this can also be a type of spasticity caused by MS weird muscles. I have been taught a lot of excecises by my physio, which stretch the muscles in the opposite direction and really help if you do them regularly. I still kick the dash board of the car and seats infront on planes, but a stiff drink also helps!

4 years ago

CHeers @cazzzzzy I am currently on the Whole30 diet, 30 days of whole foods! But who knows it could be something in there thats not liking me! So I will definitely keep track of what I eat and when I get RLS and see if anything adds up!
Ah really @tabbycat I never thought of that! Ahahaa and stiff drink….NOTED! 😉


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