stephz 18/01/18
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Research papers

Hi. I’m working on a blog post with a MS researcher on how to read (or decipher) research papers and what to look out for. What are your questions? Please answer below and I will inlcude them when talking to Jill.

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5 months ago

Hi Jill,

I work in scientific publishing at the BMJ so let me know if there’s anything I can help with! My job is basically formatting scientific papers to make them more readable.

5 months ago

Look at how many subjects were involved in the study. Was it controlled effectively? I need to find my once useful geeky science brain and get back to you

5 months ago

#stephz I see you’re a post doc researcher. I think you have some good qs up your sleeve and knowledge of critical appraisal of publications. Good luck to you ☺

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