merfield 17/05/17
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Rescue dog or not?

I’d really like your thoughts about having a small dog. A spaed bitch in fact. We had decided to rehome a cute little Bichon/ Pomeranian cross and are waiting RSPCA approval. This morning my partner announced that he doesn’t think we should have her in case she trips me up. Im in a wheelchair a lot of the time but exercise with a walker sometimes. I’m really looking forward to her coming – I’m sure she will learn not to get in my way when I’m on my legs. I’m so shocked at his sudden outburst. Please all you MSers give me your views, for or against. As you can tell….I’m for!

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1 year ago

I’m for too…..go for it @merfield…..if you teach her right from ‘oh no’ then hopefully all should be dandy….yeah it is a suck it & see, I know its easy for me to say…..😊make your home as doggy friendly as you can & see how things go….

1 year ago

Hi, I have3 dogs 2 are large I wouldn’t be without them they make me so happy one of the larger ones is brillant at helping me up hard slopes i just held onto his coller, you could try to train your little dog to help you with things in house like bringing you small things i foster a dog which was trained to help handicap people it is amazing what they learn.

1 year ago

There have been a lot of articles lately on how owning a dog can make you healthier and feel better. They take stress away and love you when your down. I think I would be in a terrible mood most of the time if I didn’t have my little buddy. Potter

1 year ago

Thank you all for your input. We’re going to go for it. 😄Xx

1 year ago

Hey @merfield how is it going with your new furry friend? Xx

1 year ago

Hi @feeblefee….we collect our furry friend on Tuesday….we visited her on Thursday and she was gorgeous but we had to wait for RSPCA home visit on Friday. 👍🏻 thanks for asking😊

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