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…how do you know when your in a relapse and when one finishes?

Also how likely is it a relapse will come on suddenly and your legs will stop working or youll wake with paralysis/ no sight in an eye. Or is it more sutle?

Just trying to get my head round what to expect and put some plans in place etc

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1 year ago

I’m not sure it’s the same for everyone but my relapses come on gradually but definitely noticeable. I have to ask ‘is this a relapse or something else?’ Then they escalate over the next week or so then linger for several more weeks. That has been my pattern for many years However I will say I’ve had my leg just give out for no reason suddenly. But as usual I always want to blame it on something else so I go to the GP just in case.

1 year ago

Every relapse I have had has been different. I have had them come on gradually with something minor that has escalated to more severity over the course of a month. I have woken up with TN or it is a minor relapse that I barely even noticed hit me like my speech, cognition etc. My leg has just given out while going down stairs which resulted in me falling down them, I don’t take my hand off the banister anymore 😉. The falling down I would pen down to past damage due to a bad relapse with Vertigo and a brainstem lesion. I find that if you try to live relatively stress free, get your sleep that you can kind of keep the monster at bay.

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