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Relapse treatment…

Hi everyone,

How severe does a relapse/new symptom have to be to warrant treatment (ie steroids etc)?? I am coming to the end of a pretty heavy going exam period at uni (lack of sleep, long days, quite stressed), and over the last 2-3 days have noticed a strange sensation in my left arm (and possibly left leg too, although I can’t be sure), but I don’t know if it’s serious enough to warrant ringing my MS nurse and expecting some sort of treatment for it? Or even having time off work, as I’m due back in work end of this week after my uni exams??

It’s definitely not numbness as I can run my finger/pen/pin down my arm and hand and still feel it.
I’ve not lost motor control as I can still lift my arm, grab things, lift things as normal.
I can only describe it as an odd weightless/floaty sensation, that feels a bit clumsy – I’m wondering if it’s related to proprioception? Is that a thing in MS?

Same thing with my leg but not as noticeable – no numbness, loss of control, but feels a bit clumsy trying to manoeuvre my foot into my slipper, which I don’t find with the other leg.

Is it worth ringing my MS nurse, and what can I expect to happen in terms of treatment?

I should add that I’m not yet taking any DMTs – I have an appointment in October to make a decision about that (I’ve not committed fully to a decision yet about which I want).

Would appreciate any reflections/advice, as the only previous noticeable symptom I’ve had was optic neuritis and that was before I was diagnosed, so didn’t really know what I was dealing with!

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2 weeks ago

@srh90 , you’re right, the stress of your exams could well be the reason that you’re feeling these symptoms.

There are some definitions and information about relapses here :-

Personally, I’d get in touch with the MS Nurse. Discuss the situation with them.

As a rule of thumb, your MS Nurse should be your first point of contact for anything that you feel is related to your MS. Especially so as you are not that experienced with your MS body.

2 weeks ago

When I was at uni 7 years ago i had a symptom wasnt able to get a grib of anything not even a pen
My tutur took my case in consideration
I’d say get treatment but of course after your MS nurse approval

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