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My first relapse (that i was aware of) was on 13/2/12 and led to my MS diagnosis. That particular symptom cleared after 6 weeks with other symptoms coming and going. I was symptom free for a few weeks then had this tingling face and numbe leg symptom which after a few weeks i think has now gone. Is that 2 different relapses or is it 1 long relapse? I am confused with this. Sorry.

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6 years ago

You’ll never know but this is where you need a good neuro, who will look at the evidence and decide. The same happened to me at the time of diagnosis. My neuro told me that it’s always a difficult clinical decision because it may not be clear if symptoms are continuing from the first relapse or are a separate one. He said that in my case he was going to decide it was two separate ones because that would allow me to qualify for the drugs there and then, as you need to have had two relapses within a certain period before they can prescribe them. I definitely got the impression that it was this that swayed him. But whichever way, it’s for the doctors to decide- you don’t need to fret about it. Anyway, once you’re on treatment, it’s very possible you will stabilise completely. And (remembering what I felt like on diagnosis)you’re probably all over the place because your emotions and stress levels are themselves causing symptoms. I have certainly never in nine years had symptoms as bad as I had at the beginning and also never felt as desperate and depressed. I know it’s easier said than done but try and think positive. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that (as happened to me)your worst moment has already passed!

6 years ago

I.’m not completely sure… I have a lot of sensory symptoms, numbness, tingling… I have been told these are common and not an exacerbation and usually resolve on their own. However, prolonged numbness, lasting more than a month or two can be. Its all so confusing, I was diagnosed almost 11 years ago and I’m still learning. Unless you don’t lose motor function or the numbness and tingling isn’t prolonged, its likely just one of those annoying traits of MS. You should still at least call your neurologist especially since you were just recently diagnosed, they may want you to take note of the symptom and duration of them so they can watch for patterns of progression.

6 years ago

I obviously can’t give you and yes or no…or anything because I am not diagnosed myself. But I do know that my first flare up (lasting three weeks) in 2007 left me with permanent spasticity and the last flare up in 2011 (lasting for around 4 months) left me with near permanent symptoms such as numbness, tingling, walking issues, bladder issues, etc. I have good days and bad days…but I don’t think I really have experienced any symptom free periods since.

From what I have heard and read its pretty common that you have a relapse (characterized as many symptoms manifesting for a period of time) and then once you go into remission you may have symptoms pop up here and there but not lasting more then 24 hours to a week. I think the only way to know for sure it to talk to your MS neurologist/nurse.

6 years ago

*you a yes or no…

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