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Relapse ??

Hi, hope everyone is enjoying Christmas (those that celebrate it)
I have recently been diagnosed and don’t suffer too much at the moment with symptoms, mainly numbness around my midrift. Recently this has been a lot more regularly (every day ).
I have noticed today that it is spreading to my lower back and upper thigh. I am starting tec next week as my first treatment and I am starting to think this could be a relapse ?
I think I just need a bit of friendly support. .
My last relapse was in 2016.

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4 months ago

Hi @brian_h started Tec myself on 1/12018 best yr so far, usually have 2/3 relapses a year and none this yr so far. Thanks for the post about the dogs, but I digress, it might be a relapse, but as an old codger who has had the beast for 25 yrs, it could just be ‘a bad few days’, everyone of us is so different and weve all just had a couple of very busy days, doesn’t matter whether you’ve had loads of family for Chrstmas dinner, or been on your own, the stress won’t have helped. Wait until the New Year is over, re-assess then, if things are still going downback, call your gp or your ms nurse. Best of luck and a peaceful and happy New Year to you.🎉😜😍

4 months ago

Hi @brian-h

Similar to me your last relapse was 2016 and you’ve had optic neuritis. Not sure about your symptoms, there is often talk about ‘flare ups’ on this site as distinct from relapses.

The way I see it, you doing everything you can… starting Tec. I started it in late 2016 and have not had a noticeable relapse since. You are in the shape you are with no neurologist date, starting the Tec. Is only going to put you in a better position.Keep this ‘best response’ attitude, work through the mental process that results in you accepting your diagnosis and you’ll be in the best place you can be.

Some perspective sometimes helps, following my brain scan, I was relieved they didn’t spot a tumour and my wife was surprised they found a brain!

All the best for the new year as you start to positively address a condition you only recently found out you had.

All the best


4 months ago

Thank you @grandma and @glawsdan .
Love the sense of humour.

4 months ago

Hey!! I started Tec in September and noticed an increase in numbness mainly in my lower bank and legs/feet. Coincidence? Who knows but my recent MRI (pre Tec) was stable. Maybe a symptom of Tec?

4 months ago

It could be that you’ve over done it over the Christmas period, not enough sleep can make symptoms pop up or seem worse. I know when I’m tired or I’ve over done like going out last night and dancing, heck I might have MS but I can shake it like the rest of em 😂😂😂😂! Anyways, what I mean is I’m feeling abit numb and tingly so I know I’ve overdone it!
Try not assume the worst, it could be that all you need to do is rest up and that will help.

Here’s to a happy and healthy, well as healthy as we’re ever gonna be right?! 2019 🍻

4 months ago

Hello @brian-h, nice to meet you. I got diagnosed almost two years ago and have taken Tec for 20months. It’s going OK. I have to say, I am yet to understand the difference between a relapse, flare up, an exacerbation, or the natural aging process! I guess though what counts is how I feel, and that I can keep up with good diet, some exercise and ensuring I don’t get stressed. The Tec has been fine, there’s lots of posts on here in the search box. Always take it mid meal and make sure you take it with a good mix of fat and protein amongst others. This will help soak it up and limit tummy troubles. All the best, keep smiling! 🙂

4 months ago

Im not sure what this might be relapse or not
But you try to rule it

Last few daus I felt I cant walk properly in one foot leg
Once I felt it I did short exercise to wake it up but not so hard
Every day I’vr bern going out more than once hehe
Feel better and I hope I do feel fully better

Me and MS is like tom & jerry
I challange it sometime I push it challange it and even dare it.

I was daignosed in 2005
Refused treatment till l
Ast three months started gilenya

In 2012 moved from saudi to scotland returned
2014 alone to study english and volunteered there too
Never stopped working in my life

You be confident
Trust me state of mind is a big factor in MS condition

4 months ago

Hey guys .thanks for messages of support, advice etc.
Shift is becoming very useful for me in many ways.
@chezy17 I think you could be spot on, I’ve had a crappy cold over Christmas while hosting the family and the usual late nights etc so that makes sense.
Cheers nutshell88, advice taken.

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