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9 months ago

@sigmadelta , no personal experience, but this might prove useful :-

9 months ago

I studied reflexology at college.
It is fantastic a really relaxing therapy! It will help stiff feet and relax you
It also helps energy flow . Different parts of your feet related to different parts in your body and it’s supposed to unblock energy for example if they find a crystal in your foot.
They work on the same part after an initial assessment and it’s supposed to help get things flowing better . For example if you were tender in the adrenals point on your foot they might then keep working on that point in the session.


9 months ago

I read on a forum that rolling around a spiky ball under your foot will help arthritis pain in your knee. So I thought what did I have to lose, so I rolled a my dog’s spiky toy around and my knee felt much better in just a couple of days. If a spiky dog toy can do that just think what a professional might be able to do. Potter

9 months ago

I can’t tolerate it. I tried it once but I have demyelination in my foot and the therapist’s pressure on the skin set the nerve endings on edge and it was unbearable. If you have no MS issues in your feet, it’ll probably be fine.

9 months ago

my husband does reflexology most days it really helps,he is not trained but started to study it when i was diagnosed.

9 months ago

Thanks for the comments altho’ I’m not sure what rachaellouise meant by ‘finding a crystal in your foot”??
Cameron… you don’t actually have demyelination in your foot, the damage is taking place in your spine or brain, that’s the sad irony of MS, there is nothing physically wrong with the parts of the body it “appears” to affect. It’s all false sensations created by bogus transmissions from the CNS.
I just thought that perhaps reflexology could send the false signals back… yeah sounds ridiculous but since science has no idea WTF is causing MS …why not?

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