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Redundancy issues Help!!

Hi Everyone,
I need some advice. My boss is trying to make me redundant. I had an ammended duties note from my GP, he wouldn’t let me return to work until I said I would come back with no amendments. which I have struggled to do in severe pain for almost 6 months.
I have been on the sick since November with vertigo. He called me in last week and said he has lost a contract which he worked out to be 66% of my workload. It is actually only 10% and I have timesheets to prove it.
The dilemma is if I challenge him, I still can’t do my job and he will find another way to get rid of me and I won’t get the redundancy payout. I also don’t want to work for him if I challenge him, he holds a grudge. So should I just accepted the redundancy offer and keep quiet?

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11 months ago

hi i feel for you , having been managed out of a company when they found i had M.S. what i wissions.ould suggest is get some serious advice from a profesional like citizens advice or if in union union solicitor, it also depends on how long you been working their and if you work full time,i amsure citizens advice will be able to put you in touch with a solicitor who is an expert in employment law , your boss should also realise that stress is not goodfor M.S. and the more he puts you under the more likely you are to get a further attack. finaly good luck and dont make any rash dec

11 months ago

Oh dear, what a conundrum! First of all, are you in a union? Employment law is on your side. Have you been offered a redundancy payout?

It’s tough, because sometimes in life your feelings of principles and also the need for wellbeing aren’t always on the same side. It sounds like you work for quite a small firm, as larger firms are often better equipped to del with employee chronic illness issues. Do you have a good record of your boss’s suggestions and comments on paper, i.e. email? I would always recommend you get everything in writing. If you aren’t in a union, maybe you approach Citizens Advice to access guidance? Personally, I wouldn’t want to work for someone who tries to burden you with guilt, but if you do leave, you need to make sure you get a good deal, including a good reference. Good luck, let us know how things go x

11 months ago

Yes I am in a union but my union rep made things much worse for me last time I was off work by disclosing information I had reported to occupational health about him overloading me.

It is a large multinational company and I have only been there 7.5 years so an offer of 10k is not bad for that time. I’m worried if I fight him and go back he will find a reason to dismiss me and I will leave with nothing. My predecessor was sacked by him for falsifying results (I work in a laboratory) which is very difficult to verify.
Basically the man is a snake in the grass and although I know my rights I think I’m better off grinning and bearing it!


11 months ago

hi sue, given allthat you may be right, i did the same and resigned because i got wages and a ref also had to sign a form to say wouldnt take them for unfair dismissal i like you thought i know i am right but dont need the stress given my M.S.

11 months ago

He sounds like a complete *#¥$* what I would say is don’t take on a battle that u don’t want to win. Not sure what sort of package u r being offered but if it’s good and u want our snap his hand on and leave with a smile 😊 as others have said get advice, best of luck and do t let it stress u just deal with him/it.

11 months ago

Hi @suewy, I was in a similar situation regarding redundancy in 2014. I worked for TNT as a parcel delivery driver when I had my first relapse (this mainly effected my legs) as I was unable to even get into the vehicle let alone drive it I was on the sick for 6 months (4 paid) during that time they relocated the depot and offered voluntary redundancies to everyone. I tried everything to keep a job even applying for a much lower paid job answering the switchboard, but nothing came of it, I took advice from my union rep who basically said the problem was they can’t sack me but they can make me redundant as they are offering them across the whole depot. so I was forced to take the redundancy. I may have been poorly advised, I honestly don’t know. All I know is it allowed me to change my car for an automatic which is so much easier and safer to drive. What I’m basically saying is that take advice but look at it from all angles.

11 months ago

Ok you have a union but the shop steward is not very good. You work for a big company but the immediate boss is quite possibly a psychopath. If I were in your position I would go higher if you want to keep your job. That means higher in the company and to the paid branch official in the union. It’s a complex case because there are issues which could lead the company being sued under the Equality Act.

Also I would consider whether he has the backing of HR. If they are behind him I would take the money as it may be that they have decided to manage you out with a generous redundancy package. It may be worth considering a good redundancy package and then looking for a job away from evil boss and more suited to your needs – have you tried looking?

Talk things through with the MS charities help lines – the Disability Law Service has been great and helped me a lot with their clear sighted advice.

11 months ago

Sorry to hear that… my case they were not willing to accommodate, i did not have the strength to fight . I told my boss i was not willing to resign but if we reached an agreement i could leave. Next day they came with offer of around 6 months of pay i took it and left. I had to sign I would not take them to court…..I don’t regret it, I wouldn’t have been able to do a proper job and i took loads of worries out of my he

11 months ago

Thanks everyone,
Happy New year to you all and thanks for the advice.
I think I am probably best taking the redundancy offer and finding a desk job.

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