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Recommended read MS Jan Devries

I was diagnosed in 2001 totally panic as at the time drs told me they couldn’t do anything ? I am very stubborn you say that to me it makes me come back fighting.

I searched everywhere read everything and the one thing that help me was this book kept me positive and made me feel like I could be in control.

I stopped eating diary, gluten and sugar and it is the best I had ever felt no drugs only odd symptoms and a few times had optic neursis. I had a period of stress with my daughter and went back to my old eating habits and symptoms returned now they told me I had secondary progressive MS but after a MRI they say RRMS. Ssince October 2017 I have been having fatigue issue cant walk to far and now they suggest I go onto Tecfidera which I am reluctant to but I will as I have a 11 year old daughter but have also gone back to my good eating habbits along side the meds.


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2 weeks ago

@lmagnan , a lot of the identification of the type of MS one has seems to be somewhat subjective. But, that is understandable given the unpredictable nature of MS.

It would seem that the latest MRI revealed some more MS activity, so adopting a Disease Modifying Therapy (DMT) would seem a reasonable way forward.

Good luck with it.

2 weeks ago

Thankyou stumbler hopefully it helps me in some way ☺ thankyou for your comments ☺

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