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Rebif or Tecfidera?

I was diagnosed with RRMS last June. Since then I have had one relapse in October where I was bed bound with the MS hug for a week or so. My consultant has just told me I am now eligible to start medication.

The two that he has narrowed it down to are Rebif injections or Tecfidera tablets. I have read both of the booklets that they gave me and they had told me to choose which one I want to start and let me know.

I know there are pros and cons to both and I’m sure they will differ from person to person but I just wanted some opinions from people that are actually on these medications. I’m grateful for any info at all!

Thank you!


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10 months ago

Dear Beth27, have been on Tecfidera for 8 weeks, little side effects, remembering to take tablet isbiggest problem! I had to make the decision about which drug to opt for and having had 23 years of injections with Beta Interferon but that was in the early days when there wasn’t any choice, at least now there is! You should consider your family situation and all other factors but go with what YOU think will be best for you.😍 Jill

10 months ago

Hi there, I can only comment on Tecfidera. Like you I was diagnosed last year and opted for Tec as I felt it would be the best for suiting lifestyle. I was frightened of potential side effects but was one of the lucky ones and didn’t get any! In the beginning I was rigid about timings but now further down the line can be more flexible. As you have to take them with a balance of food I had to force myself to suddenly start eating breakfast for the first time ever. But now, I can opt for a late breakfast, or an early lunch to take the tablets. I keep a spare at work in case I forget to bring it. It doesn’t affect being able to travel whenever I feel like it. Anyway, that’s me and my story! Good luck x

10 months ago

@beth27 , Tecfidera is the more effective option. Is there anything else you need to know? 😉

10 months ago

Tecfidera is convenient. I had some minor flushing when I first started. Typical minor gastric issues at first. If you can tolerate the minor symptoms, it’s the way to go.
Also, I would ask about ocrevus. It’s an infusion every 6 months. I’d rather do that than have to take a pill twice a day forever. I used a pillbox to help me remember if I took it or not.

10 months ago


That’s 2 years next month I’ve had MS, I take tecfidera. I still get hot flushes now and then buy usually when I take my pill with out food. I’d recommend this pill, it doesn’t have many side effects and gets delivered to your house.

Hope this helps 😊


10 months ago

Hi, I have been on Tecfidera for 3 years this July and would definitely go for that. Still get the occasional hot flush (mind you, that could be an age thing !!! ) and occasionally my tummy is upset, but that is usually if I have not eaten enough when I take it. I have not had a relapse since I started it and I had 3 in the previous year. It didn’t sort the tingling and stiff leg that I had before starting it but really these pale into comparison when you consider how much worse it could be 🙂 Good luck 🙂

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