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Well I’ve done my first injection with the Rebismart whilst the nurse was here earlier. So far so good – bit stingy going in to the side of my right thigh. The nurse suggested not taking paracetamol/ibuprofen until I see if I need it or not. I’ve got a mild headache now and aching neck and shoulders but not enough that I’d take painkillers for. I know it’s early days though as only day one of the titration dose.

Do I need to keep the rebismart in the fridge? I’m sure that’s what the nurse said but can’t really remember. Info says cartridges need to be stored in the fridge and rebismart now has cartridge in so guess it does need to be stored in fridge.

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1 year ago

I use copaxone, I keep it in the fridge but I take a week’s worth of injections out and keep them at room temp – that way when I do my nightly injection it is not cold – call your nurse /doctor/clinic to make sure :0)
take care,

I’m on rebif also, just got to my full dose last week. The rebismart doesn’t go in the fridge. The medication is good for 1 month at room temp 🙂 i hope it goes well for you!!

The medication that isn’t in the rebismart (the extra) goes in the fridge 🙂 1 vile out at a time at room temp which is in the auto injector 🙂 message if there’s anything I could help with 🙂

1 year ago

Thanks both, the nurse is calling on Monday so I’ll ask him that. I’m sure he said something about the rebismart needing to be in the fridge for the first week. I’m wondering if it’s because the first cartridge will last longer than a week.
Didn’t sleep that well. Took paracetamol at 9 last night. Have mild headache and stiff neck this morning. Not as bad as I thought but guess full side effects won’t kick in yet until full dose.
Sorry but another query. How do you keep the rebismart upright when travelling? He said it needed to be upright to prevent any drug leaking into the machine.

I put it in a bag with clothes or something to make sure it is almost jammed upright.. the case is nice and sturdy 🙂

1 year ago

Thanks Nikita, was thinking more about hand luggage on a flight really. Haven’t got the travel bag yet either.
How are you doing with side effects?

It can’t go in the luggage you check in, it gets to cold in the bottom of the plane, it had to go in your carry on. The side affects unfortunately get worse as your dose gets higher 🙁 but as you get used to each dose (every 2 weeks it goes up) it does get easier near the end of each 2 weeks. The medicine stings a lot but it is worth it 🙂

1 year ago

The nurse said it might freeze in the hold so knew it had to be hand luggage. We are off to Florida in April so not great timing meds wise. I’ll be up to full dose by the end of March. What days do you inject?

I inject Monday Wednesday and Fridays

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