5 years ago

just wandering how many of you are using the machine for rebif i start my treatment on the 28th march and this is the option i have chose just wandering what people think of the machine?

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are you talking about the rebiject2? I would start on it because although it’s difficult at first it makes things easier. I sometimes inject certain parts of my body without it but some areas the rebiject2 helps. My MS nurse was really patient and she gave me a whole bunch of reading material to learn but after a few weeks you’ll learn- good luck!

Hiya! I have been in the macine since sept last year – so much better. I had a big meeting wityh my ms nurse about what is better and i have a fear of needles so i dont have to do it manually, just attatch the needle and press the button. Sometime i panic pressing the button but they key is dont wait and think, get it over with and press it! I havent tried any other dmd’s but for me was the best choice as i could hide the needle and it was only 3 times a week. hope it goes ok xx

* using the machine – not in the machine – im not a creature from men in black

I’ve been on it for just over 12 months now. It’s great, so easy to get it done in no time at all.

I agree with vgalpin83 do not think about it when pressing the button cos the anticipation will mess with your head.

I started with manual injections when I was on Rebif (am now on Copaxone) but moved to the Rebiject after about three months as I was having difficulty with the manual ones. I have to agree about pressing the button – you just have to do it because the anticipation is worse than the actual injection! Lol. Having moved onto Copaxone, I realise how lucky I was with the Rebiject. The autoinjector for Copaxone is much more rudimentary and I only use it for hard-to-reach places now and for the rest I’ve gone back to manual!!

Was on Rebif for about 7 years and at first did it manually. Then for about the lat 2 used the machine thought it was great and very quick.

Since my last entry: I’ve started to do it manually as of last night. I really believe that the anticipation gets to me but honestly either way isn’t so bad. Maybe try both ways and decide

I did it both ways but prefer the manual option– no fear of anticipation and no pain! When the Rebiject shot the medication under the skin, it was too fast and painful.. with my manual injections I am able to control the speed at which I inject the meds.. I go really slow (probably 45 sec versus the quick 10 with the Rebiject 2). Try both ways and see what works for you!

I use the Rebif machine and find it’s great … especially as you can’t see the needle. Also, you can change the sttings if you prefer the injection to be slower or faster – I just use the fast option and get it over and done with but slower is defnitely not as sore! Once you’ve done a few weeks and are used to injecting, have a mess around with the settings and see what works for you 🙂 Good luck today with your first one

just to let u all no i started my rebif done 2 injections so far and i been really lucky no side effects no site reactions and no pain when doing it so fingers cossed it stays this way

I was on rebif for 4 years although now I’m on tysabri it was very easy to use the rebiject …..I liked using the auto injector made life somewhat easier just remember change locations!

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