4 years ago

Got a bit of a rash on my leg. I doubt it’s MS related but curious to know if it’s possible.

I know how easy it is to blame everything on ms, just scratching the surface with this query really… (pun intended)

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Hi there , your pun could well be the reason you have rash although we all know its not really itching you feel there is very often the sensation of an itch with ms . By maybe scratching in the same place a few times you could then get a rash ! Sudocream is my answer to everything related to rashes having said that if it does increase or gets worse you must see a doc !
All the best femke xx
Shame you don’t travel well would have loved to meet you !

I agree with @femke. The MS shouldn’t really cause a rash, but you could, by scratching.
If you haven’t caused it by scratching, then go and get it checked out.

It may have something to do with MS. There is evidence that MS is caused by our bodies’ response to viral infection, EBV and possibly other viruses. They stay latent most of the time, but occasionally flare up. See your MD if you notice further symptoms.

Well there is a definite red sore area though I haven’t been scratching it to cause it (unless subconsciously).

It’s only minor though, I think it’ll pass.
I’ll see Doctor if it gets much worse as suggested.

Thank you.

Femke thanks, I’m sure it would have been great meeting you too.
Looks a beautiful place.

France I mean (not the rash on my leg ^^)

Thank you xx

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