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Randomly fell

my son dropped his bottle and I bent over to pick it up and my legs just gave out and when I try to stand up with someone helping me they just would not hold my body and then finally after a couple seconds they were strong enough to support my body weight does that happen to anyone else

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9 months ago

@sweets408 , it happens all the time to me, especially so in the unusual hot weather we have in the UK at the moment.

But, I generally have weak legs. They just seem to run out of energy so quickly. Then they have to recharge, to allow them to carry on for another short while.

It is frustrating. My legs just seem to have a “point of no return” when I crouch. If I go too low. then I crumble to the floor. It’s just something that I have to live with it seems. 😕

9 months ago

Air the time…

My left leg is fine, but my right is shot. Sometimes, if I hunker down, I just can’t make it back up. I have to use my stick for support, and climb up it let me a pole. I suppose it’s quite funny to watch, for those who don’t know me, but I treat it as an occupational hazard these days. Whatever doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger.

Best wishes,


9 months ago

Like a pole…

9 months ago

Yes, I fell a few times in 2015 out of nowhere, once spectacularly in front of my family. I don’t mean a graceful Hollywood starlet fall. I mean a cuts and graze, one minute I was up next minute I was down kind of fall! It was the reason I was put on dmds as it showed up in my scan. Worth logging it with your m&s nurse if it keeps happening.

9 months ago

yes. got off the bed following an afternoon nap while on holiday.Without warning collapsed in a heap of limbs on to the floor like Andy Pandy with the strings taken out!!! figured i could with help get to a chair to recover abit. the room swam for a while . after 2 hours the weak sensations and swimmyness subsided enough to be driven the 2 hour journey home. shades of this with most people i think. Awareness of likelihood is important to prevent injury. be careful, with youngsters that is difficult cos stuff happens and split second decisions are made good luck

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