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R2 of Lemtrada: What to expect?

Hi everyone, im 29 years old and i was diagnosed with MS in 2014. I live in a country were MS is not very commun and there are not many people on Lemtrada (i dont know anyone). I had my first round of Lemtrada 12 months ago, it wasnt too bad, i had no rash or nausea i was just tired for some weeks and stayed home for a month, but after that i went back to work and it was actually a good year for me.

Im going next tuesday to the hospital for R2 of Lemtrada and im feelling a bit anxious. I would like to know how your experience was? should i expect the same side effects as in R1 or is it a totally different experience?

Thanks for your time !! 😀

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1 year ago

hI @dmargarita , have a look at @tracyd ‘s blog, which covers her entire Lemtrada experience, including round 2 :-

1 year ago

I found round 2 much easier than round 1. Less Drugs shorter time recovering etc. Good luck!

1 year ago


Round 2 was easier than round 1 for me.

The run up to it the little voice in my head was an asshole trying to scare me, but it was okay.

You have a friend request if you need someone to talk to I’m happy to share contact details on PM xx

1 year ago

@dmargarita please let us know how you get on, I’m going in for R2 on January 22 and I’m starting to get a bit nervous! X

1 year ago

Hi just had my R2 2 weeks ago, no issues during the treatment and the last 10 days have been fine, a bit of fatuge & lots of skeep, but have been taking it realy easy, back to light exersise next week fingers crossed. the only change was a 4 week coarse of anti biotics to take when i got home 1 every other day, so no biggy. Just using common sense out and about, hand sanitizer and dont get to close to people minging with the cold. Hope all goes well for you and happy to chat if you want to talk about anything.

1 year ago

thank you all for the for responding, i finished R2 yesterday and so far im feeling good, some fatigue but nothing terrrible and i will take it easy for some weeks. :D!

1 year ago

I am going in for round 2 on wednesday – feeling nervous about it as i have high expectations due to the first round going so well. What if i get nasty side effects and unbearable fatigue? I have a month off work and plan to stsy in to avooid social situations but am fetting quite anxious about recovery time. Not usually an anxious person, but am feeling it lately.
Love to hear about experiences postvR2.

1 year ago

@northwood28 i hope R2 is going well. I wanted to let you know that im 7 days post R2 and so far no nasty side effects and the fatigue is almost gone. It has been easier than R1.
Good Luck!

1 year ago

Just been discharged from R2 and it went well, just going hone to rest and get some sleep. Was taken care of by excellent nurses at Charing Cross as it was last year.
So the chapter has closed and the journey continues….

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