marydev 16/01/18
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Pubic cather

Hi all
Thank you for your replies had it done 6 days ago and am not coping very well has any one else had it done if so could you share your experience with me please.
Thank you in advance

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6 months ago

@marydev , it’s way too early to be making any judgements on this.

You probably caused yourself a bit of understandable stress leading up to the procedure and you now need to allow yourself time to recover.

Has your local nurse provided any words of support for you?

6 months ago

Hi stumbled
The nurse from the health centre called to see me as she will be taking out the stitches tomorrow and I was have g a lot of pain to the left of the incision she couldn’t find a reason for the pain and felt it was going to take time to get used of it I absolutely hate it the site and the bag the whole thing I am so sorry I don’t mean to be disrespectful to any one I am not coping well.

6 months ago

Stumbler apologies for misspelling your name

6 months ago

@marydev , present circumstances mean that you are viewing all of the disadvantages as this is a new addition to you.

But, once you get accustomed to it and start experiencing the benefits, you might change your perception.

Be patient……….

6 months ago

Thanks I am my own worst enemy this ms can be a lonely place

6 months ago

I wish i could give you a big hug, so sending one down the t’inter web instead x

You are not alone and never will be again – there’s a whole bunch of us muppets out there, all at various stages, but all United by having to deal with the bitch.

It sounds like a total nightmare, but one which you are 6 days into already!yay! You are over the worst of it and by god you were, and are BRAVE .

If it’s still as bothersome in another 6 days, then I would go back to the gp and ask for it to be removed. Pronto.

You need a laugh out loud movie!
Anyone any suggestions?

One day At a time mate, one day at a time x

6 months ago

Mermaidia11 thank you so much for your words they where much needed it’s rare some one gets it thank you,
I am far from brave I am terrified.

6 months ago

Hello sounds like things are a bit difficult at the moment. There was a really interesting and positive poster on the MS society forum call Pol (I think her user name was Britannia can’t remember) who had the same as you for her bladder problems. You might have a look on there. She was always really nice.

It’s difficult to do the positive when it’s a next step in our ongoing issues however as my dear friend with a colostomy says it’s an inconvenience but at least I can get on with living now and not spend hours in the loo or in bed with a flare.

5 months ago

Hi strictlysoca
Thank you yes things are very difficult at the minute I am not in a great place it is hard to stay positive,.
I will look up this person and see how it goes
Many thanks

5 months ago

It’s shite is what it is n I feel your pain, can’t actually imagine what you r going through, physically or mentally.

Recovering is good, but it just means you have more time to think, not so good.

How are you doing now flower? That warrior spirit, which has got you this far, I hope has kicked in?
Mines gone on holiday presently lol

I watched Table 19 and also mike n Dave need a wedding date; they both made me lol a lot and so I would recommend…

In my humble opinion, positive blogs can be irritating when things are rough, but in due course when you are feelin a bit stronger, you could go there?
One day at a time darlin, even an hour at a time if things are really shit…
We are like little balls of magic – we keep bouncing back eh?
Keep your chin up lass and let us know how you get on x

5 months ago

It depends what genre you like but Bad Moms and Bad Moms Christmas has me howling everytime 😂😂😂!

Keep smiling Mary 😊.

5 months ago


How are you doing meridev? Hope things are looking a bit brighter now… i am considering having it done too. It is soooooo difficult to stand up to move to the toilet…..i guess one of those would be perfect! Keep smiling, i am sure there are plenty of advantages you cannot see now!

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