5 years ago
PTNS – an possible help to my dodgy bladder

Seems like my urinary accidents may have speeded up time on the waiting list for PTNS (nerve stimulation to help bladder) – got a phone call earlier to say I start treatment tomorrow for 12 weeks! Since the hospital’s right by my work, this is very handy 🙂
(of course, to avoid placebo affect altering my mind, the treatment is useless! – even though trials have shown an 80% success rate – i’m in the 20% 😉

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Thanks for mentioning this – it’s the first I’ve heard of it!


Was thinking that, apart from oxy-butynyn and vesicare, I’d have to result to botox for the bladder. PTNS seems much less invasive as it only requires a few needles in one of your legs

@DJDsouza, so how’s the PTNS going for you?

It interests me greatly, so I’d welcome your view.



@stumbler it seems to be progressing well so far. Frequency and urgency seems to be slightly better, but there’s still 9 weeks to go, so hopefully the improvement will continue 🙂

Will update when there’s real noticeable change…at the moment I think there’s a small change for half a week, then nearly back to what it was before….don’t want to jinx it 😉

Definitely having at least a couple of days a week after the treatment where I don’t need to go to the loo for 3-4 hours at a time. 8 more weeks still to go though, so fingers crossed

@DJDsouza, so a couple of months have now passed, has it been a success, or qualified success, or a waste of time?

Cheers, DJ

@stumbler I’d say yes. From needing to go at least once an hour to being at around every two hours or even more. I’d say it’s not what could be called 100% a success, but it seems to be a lot better.

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