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Pressure in eye…

Hi all, I know I posted a couple of days ago about eyes but I’m just wondering… Has anyone had a feeling of pressure in 1 of their eyes… It feels like the pressure builds up around my left eye, goes down the side of the top of my nose on that side & then the pressure slowly releases. My eye sight hasn’t been affected (yet). I’m thinking if it isn’t related to ms it could be hayfever or a blocked duct??? I don’t want to go to opticians that will scare me if they tell me something horrible but will probably ring my doctor tomorrow when he is back.

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Your eyes are pretty integral to your well-being. Shouldn’t you just get the optician to run a quick eye-check for you?
I can understand your fear of the unknown, but it could be something fairly innocent or, if the optician suggests, one of those MS quirks.
Best to get it checked and then contact your MS Nurse, if necessary.


I have had pressure behind my left eye for approx. seven months, It is often not horrible but sometimes does become more painful and “sharp”. I also have a numb feeling associated with it that is more or less under and slightly around the eye near my nose and at times radiates up to my forehead but is ALWAYS under my eye to my cheek and near my nose. Recently, this whole eye thing has also included my eyeball twitching… not the eyelid but my eyeball. I read that this is called nystagmus (the eyeball moving not the pressure). I keep on thinking that this is going to eventuate into something like maybe optic neuritis or maybe it is already optic neuritis I don’t know, but I am waiting for “the other shoe to drop” before I call in the calvary. 🙂


Hi @boodle06 just checking to see if you still have the pressure behind your eye or if any additional symptoms have occurred in relation to your eye. Mine continues to be the same, although I have noticed that if I look straight up I do have double vision but hey… who goes around looking straight up? Anyway, just thought I would enquire as to how you were going.


I tend to get a swollen feeling in my right eye. Feels like my eye is protruding or pressured. This usually is accompanied by a severe ache with movement of the eye, blurred/double/fuzzy vision, visual anomalies such as distortion and the weird bubble effect, and a dilated pupil. Its very strange and uncomfortable.

Oh YES. That is such a bugger. Can’t go to the cinema any more and have to close my eyes during TV “watching”

My optician says that there is nothing he can do…

Hi maggie, my eyes the same. Its really random can get a day where I don’t get it at all, then last night whilst lying down in bed it started up again. Haven’t had any funny vision with it. I should hopefully be seeing my neurologist soon or having a scan so I will mention it. Thanks for your reply.

I suffered this when I first started with the MS. It went on for a couple of years, being almost unbearable at times. I felt like I had to push my eyes back in all the time. It was accompanied by extreme headaches. Thankfully it calmed down eventually.

I know this is our post Boodle but this is directed at Maggie. i have that twitch in both my eyes it’s called oscillopsia. I’ve been taking gabapentin for it for about 3 years it does help a little.
My ms nurse told me botox works on it albeit for 3 months at a time but it would be worth it if it stops the jumping!


Thanks for that @chrisg, it helps to have more info on these things. Not sure I would want to do the whole botox thing considering the length of time I have had this but definitely might need to do something… at least now I have a bit more understanding…. thank you

I don’t feel pressure so much but I to have problems off and on with my right eye. It will be really sensitive to light and sharp pain also super watery. Usually lasts a couple days then goes away. Worse in the morning. Not sure if it is Ms related but I had to have eye exam before starting gilenya and eye Dr didn’t find anything wrong. My neuron is not concerned but it is painful as well as inconvenient!

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