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Hi there

I am recovering from a relapse (in mobile just get fatigued and weak left side amongst other symptoms) but also trying to conceive – I am not on any medication as had an allergic reaction to copaxane. My plan is to try and conceive and then once a baby has arrived go straight onto medication.

I suppose I am just asking if anyone is in a similar situation or has been in this situation? I could try meds and then wait a few years to conceive again but there is always a what if you relapse coming of meds again?


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Some drugs are known to be bad for pregnancy like Gilyena plus there is a potentional rebound if you stop taking it. Its worth talking to your dr on options. How serious have your relapses and MS progression been? Some of the stronger drugs are actually better for pregnancy from what I have read because they arent introducing chemicals that stay in your body to pass to your child. Consider some lifestyle options at the very least (My wife and I have been following OMS – and think its a great program, but there are others as well.

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I just had a baby on October 31, I was diagnosed with ms in may 2015… during pregnancy you are not required to take meds, a lot are unknown what they can cause to the fetus. I take tecfidera & it actually says directly in the pamphlet to stop taking about a month before becoming pregnant, this pregnancy was a surprise & my baby was still born healthy…. I stopped taking my meds as soon as I found out.

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Hi, I’ve recently become pregnant, now I’m 15 weeks.

I was on fingolimod before and stopped it two months before trying as advised by my neurologist.

I was fine off it for the first few months but for the last 3 months have had the worst relapse I’ve ever had, difficulty walking due to leg weakness.

I don’t regret stopping the medication, although my family have mixed views. I want to have a family and my feeling is it would be better sooner rather than risk things becoming even worse with regards to MS. Who knows what will happen in the future.

It’s obviously a really personal decision but to me having a family was my priority.
I plan to restart my medication probably after breastfeeding for a few months.

My neurologist said having children is protective in the long term (although no where else says this) and that it’s good for baby to have breastmilk.

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It depends on your age really. Do you have lots of time left to try some drugs to stabilise your MS and then have a baby? My friend was on meds, went off them to have a baby and went straight back on them when the baby arrived (no breast feeding as my friend needed to be able to look after her baby…breast feeding would have jepardised her ability to do this). Best wishes whatever you decide xx

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Hey @sadiemay

I am in the same situationn as yourself, I have always wanted a family. We had decided not long before my diagnosis that we would try for a family. Then I got quite ill and was diagnosed June 2015 with MS, due to our family plans I decided againt any medication as I didn’t want anything to spoli my chances, but things didn’t go to plan. I ended up having 3 relapses in 10 months, the third of which was quite serious and had a major impact on my vision. I have spen the last year recovering from in, only to find out last month that my vision will not get any better now. In the mornings things get blurry and I struggle when things move fast in from of me – they said my eyes don’t react at the correct speed. I get a lot more stiffness now and sometimes walk like a penguin. But at this third relapes my neuro said that despite my plans I had to start a DMD, or the relapses would keep coming as I have very active MS. But I was told I could still try for a family on my DMD, I started Tysabri infusions in May 2016 and have beeb relapse free since then, well I don’e have any more physical symptioms but I am awaiting the results of my lates MRI to find out if they have got it under control.

So anyway my advice and I wish I have known this at the time – is start a DMD! Speak to your neuro and go on one that you can still try and stop if you fall pregnant. It is what I would have told myself had I know what I know now. My MS has always been very aggressive and active, so it needs to be stopped or there is no point in trying for a family as I won’t be able to look after it. Plus if you keep having relapses the last thing on your mind is actually trying – well that is how it was for me for a while lol!

But like people have said above it is a very personal choice and it is only you and your partner who cab decide. I can only give you the advice I would have given myself.

Take care and best of luck – I hope everything goes well for you! x

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Hi everyone

I’m trying for baby stayed April but told June that I have MS waiting for my nurse app to discuss treatment etc

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