4 years ago
Power Nap!!!

It’s always this time of day, between the hours of 3 and 4, that I just wish I could lie down and have a snooze. It was the same when the children were small and it coincided pickin up time from school. Now am at work and wish I could put my head on the desk and snoooooore. Somehow don’t think that would go down too well with my boss who sits opposite!! lol Do peops out there have the same problem? Is there an answer I doubt it!!! Well that’s my moan done for the day!!

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Oh av just had a brainstorm!! Maybe I could get away with wearing dark glasses and noone would be the wiser if I shut my eyes!!

Do you have a late lunch? Because, if you ask anyone who delivers presentations, the session after lunch is known as “the graveyard shift”. That’s because, everyone feels sleepy!

Hi @jamms,
Yes late afternoon is definitely nap time for me! Almost every day without fail I just want to zone out come 3pm. It started before I was diagnosed and at first I thought it was just the usual afternoon slump that most people get, but the desire to sleep is way stronger than that. No amount of chocolate or coffee takes it away. But if I can get my head down for even just 20 minutes I feel so much better.
Good luck finding ways to manage it at work. Why not paint some eyes on your eyelids like Captain Jack Sparrow? lol.

It’s natural. In Spain they call it the siesta!

We should have a siesta in this country!! 🙂
Around 3ish is when I start feeling tired too, or if I get up late it’s after tea.

I nearly always have to have a siesta. In the morning, afternoon, evening, lol. I am always tired. I’d even have one in the pub, if I could, lol.

Ditto, with me the hours between 2.30 and 4.00 are zone out. And if I can’t lie down the floor starts to look attractive.
@jamms – is your employer aware of your MS? They should be informed of the very real effect of fatigue. Its NOT just “I-feel-sleepy…..” Can you maybe negotiate different hours?

@karynb oh that it’s a good idea!! lolz

@stumbler always have early lunch, I can’t wait for food that long!! hehehe don’t think am ready for the graveyard yet!!!

@cameron, siesta!!! I love that word…….

@reddivine yes they do know, but because of a change in staffing, I have taken on more hours! Mistake maybe, but av one day off in the week!! So try to regenerate then!!

I have an understanding with my boss that me having a disco nap at my desk for 15mins means that I can then function till then end of shift instead of just being dosey the rest of the day. I’ve had to cut out caffiene because of some of the other delightfull effects of the MS so now I leave the real coffee to the time of day when it helps me through and if the coffee fails then the disco nap soon follows!
Aparently caffiene takes about 30 mins to fully get into your system(not sure how true that is!) so quick cup of coffee followed by a disco nap and you wake feeling much better, worked at home on my day off anyway!

In a previous job, I used to go to the disabled toilet and have a wee snooze. It was a brand new building, and there was loads of empty space in the disabled loo (which coincidentally no-one used), so I’d wear a thick cardigan going in there and use it to lie on. Mobile with me meant that I could time myself, and if anyone was looking for me, I was “in the filing room”. Filing my Zzzzz’s. Hehe. Worked a treat. So ironic that I used to go to the disabled loo and ended up with a condition that can be disabling.

so i take it that if we all met up, afternoons wouldn’t be good???? Yeah i get tired and ratty which is lovely

I always have to have a nap between 2-3. I heard that my neuro used to prescribe the same drug as people with narcolepsy have for severe fatigue. Not sure if you have to be very severely affected though. It may be worth asking your neuro or MS nurse though.

Usually around dusk for me. As soon as the sun starts to weaken, I get drowsy and can suddenly barely keep my eyes open.

Today, I can hardly stay awake. It took all my energy to make a coffee just now and I’ll need to sleep again shortly. I hate this fatigue.

I feel better reading all this – I have recently had to drop my hours at work and I no longer work beyond 3.30 as this is when I have well and truly ‘had it’. I used to finish work between 5 -8 and would go home feeling soooo ill and was increasingly having to leave work early. Now I am poorer financially but richer health-wise.

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