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power chairs/scooters – need advice

Hi, looking for advice/help on finding a good outdoor power chair.

Been finding walks to shops quite straining lately, it’s not the same everyday but somedays it makes walking really strenuous.

It doesn’t matter if it is second hand as long as it’s decent & does the job (i can bling my ride & pimp it up later lol)

Any links or sources if you know one that’s particularly good you’ve tried or heard of would be great or any advice at all regarding purchasing.

I know ebays an option but one can never get enough sources when it comes to such a useful purchase ie something that’s going to help me get around without having to rely on other people so much like my mum who is great but very busy life anyway (though she’d never admit it, she’s so kind).

oh and yeh, the faster the better (200mph max though, safety oc)


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5 years ago

Is best to find a shop/company that’s nearish to wear you live as if/when there’s a problem with your powerchair/wheelchair, is nice to have the help close at hand if/when shit happens. Your powerchair is just like a car 😉

5 years ago

Preloved is a good site for picking up second hand wheel chairs . I’ve got two one that was organised by the state wich is a big power chair fantastic for on the campsite it’s very stable . And we have just bought a second hand folding power chair . I was advised not to go for a scooter as its tiring on the arms and as I do have mild arm problems it was good advise ! The most important thing if your buying a secondhand chair is to ask about the age of the batteries they last on average two years and are very costly to replace ! I have to admit my little chair is fantastic but you can’t do curbs etc its far less stable but per feet for shops hospital app etc. if can help you more please let me know happy to help ! Are you not entitled to a state grant ?
All the best femke xx

5 years ago

I think @reddivine has a scooter maybe she can advise on those ! Wich ever way whatever your going to buy its going to be costly so try and take a long term view what will help me long term .
Sorry to Bierce you with all this info but its really important that you buy the correct item !
My big chair was bought with a erchotherapist present and measured especially for me .
Like I said get advise and look into if you can get financial help from the state !
@femke xx

5 years ago

@reddivine has suffered from epilepsy so can’t use a powered scooter, but we did rent a manual chair to go to Rhodes and Lynn purchased her own chair from: a few months ago.

We are planning to visit the Motability Roadshow in June.which would be a good chance to try out the latest tech!
. why not join us

5 years ago

As said above, preloved does 2nd hand or pre-owned chairs, which can lower the cost. Dunno where you are f3ng5hu1, in UK you can go the voucher route and the NHS will fund part of the cost. BE AWARE, however, if YOU buy, its YOUR responsibility and you still need to get insurance, and pay for any repairs.
The top speed for scooters is 4mph. If you live in a TOWN, check the Shopmobility scheme, most towns have one. Register with them and then you can access one when you visit friend in another town. OK the QUALITY of the chairs may vary, but you soon learn “well I don’t want to buy THAT one”. Do your homework, look online, find out the variety available. Ultimately “try before you buy” – go to a dealer who has various in stock.
Even – join me and @jman at the Mobility Roadshow 2013. Its in Telford, whoo hoo!

5 years ago

Thank you for all your replies.

I would have responded sooner if I could.

I have bookmarked this post so I can access the links and act on the help you’ve given.

Really grateful, thank you.

I’ll try to get a supplier who’s close so as i can keep it maintained.

5 years ago

My advice would be to get one with a long range, but never trust the range they tell you in the blurb. Mine was supposed to go for 16km(10 miles) and does nowhere near that, it’s more like 5-6 miles on flat terrain. On hills it’s much less and I’ve been left stranded with flat batteries, which is not a desired position to be in. Some places are kind enough to let you have a quick charge (if you ask them nicely. Make sure you have your cable with you too), but it’ll only be a little boost as they take hours to charge normally. Storage can be a headache too, as they are quite big and they need to be protected from the elements.

5 years ago

Thanks Pete and everyone else, good advice.

I found this shop on ebay:-

Long link but it goes straight to there scooters section.

Price wise they seem very reasonable.

5 years ago

RE POWERCHAIRS. I ve got a standard nhs issue powerchair, which is free if they feel you’re crippled enough. It’s fine on pavements and limited off road to pathsetc .IF it’s muddy grass /fields eg football piches to watch the kids its hopeless.
I bit the bullet and bought a ALBER adventure off road powerchair which is fantastic ,fast and comfortable,with suspension Good offroad.
however it’s slightly wider so in and out of doors or tight manoevers need care. But i use it on the train and shops too.The only real problem is that it has no tie down points for cars/vans as it is designed to be dismantled, which is easy but the parts are heavy, you need help. good luck!

5 years ago

Not sure where you are…. but you could tap into your local Independent Living Centre for advice and guidance. Particularly for power chair info…

also…. as far as getting a second hand mobility scooter goes…. You could pop to a coastal town to pick up a second hand one…. there’s always elderly folk flogging them on! and although @djdsouza gave good advice re: getting expensive equipment from a store…. I would also say that you can find some real bargains a in a co-op shop window in one of the many of god’s waiting rooms dotted around our lovely coast… (Bounemouth, Hastings, Clacton-on-Sea, All of Dorset etc….) you can then find an independent mobility engineer to give it a service for peace of mind.

I know a lady who recently sold her husbands scooter after he could no longer use it…. (She’s from Clacton-on-Sea)She advertised it in the Friday free ad’s paper…. and the guy who bought it was from a mobility shop in Hertfordshire (nearly 2 hours away!) I guarantee he gave it a quick wipe and made a 300% mark up.

Might be an idea if it’s a bargain you are after.

5 years ago

Thanks for the extra advice paul and justjones.

I’m still looking into this. Could take a while but I want the purchase i make to be the right one as you’ve advised.

I think a chair would be ok for general use but thinking a scooter would be better for shopping.

I think I have enough advice to go on for now but if you know a good second hand place that sells them drop me a line.

Thanks all.

5 years ago

I think mobility scooter is best for you .There are different styles and varieties of scooters which is available in the market.

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