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Positive Copaxone reviews please!

I could not handle Tecfidera and my neuro is switching me to copaxone.I’m a bit scared of the needle idea.I would just like some positive reassurance if you have any! Thank you 🙂

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3 years ago

Hi @jessieb, sorry to hear the tecfidera didn’t agree with you but just wanted to share my experience of copaxone- I was on it for about 2 years and was completely relapse free. I had no side effects and no symptoms at all, the only reason I switched was because despite being very strict about rotating my injection sites, I started to get lipoatrophy (dimples where the fat cells collapse) so my team wanted to switch me to something with less frequent injections. This doesn’t happen to everyone, I know of several others on this site who have been on copaxone for years with no problems. I won’t lie and tell you that I ever enjoyed or looked forward to the injections (!) but I was very surprised how quickly it became part of my daily routine and I didn’t really think about it. Plus I used the autoject so barely even saw the tiny needle. The positives for me definitely outweighed the initial scary bits! Good luck and keep us posted how you got on. Jane xxx

3 years ago

Hi I have been on copaxone for about 3 years, I have recently experienced an acute relapse but prior to that I was pretty much symptom free. My MS nurse put the relapse down to stress and I had a virus, but I am bouncing back now and starting to feel like my old self.

I have been lucky as I have had no adverse reactions and although I do have lumps where I inject they don’t bother me. Prior to starting I was terrified the idea of daily injections was horrifying but once you start it is amazing how quickly you get used to it and injecting becomes a part of life. The thought of it was worse than the reality. The injection pen definitely makes it easier and my MS nurse is really supportive.

I hope you have as positive an experience as me. I inject in the morning because I read on another forum that movement helps prevent lumps and I have to say that seems to be true. Good luck

3 years ago

Hi, I’ve been on copaxone since end of 2012 but have MS for 18 years (no treatment before copaxone). Seems ok but i didn’t have a check (MRI) since the beginning of the treatment. I think no treatment is perfect, it is a couple (person, treatment) that may be optimal. Eric.

3 years ago

I was on Copaxone for 10+ years and did very well on it. The lipoatrophy is the only potential problem. I chose it in preference to the interferons both because of its absence of side effects and also because I reckoned that injecting every day would be an easy routine to get used to. The technique of injecting is easy because you’re taught exactly how to do it. Honestly, it’s no big deal. xx

3 years ago

I really wonder if all the people that say they did really well on copaxon would have been any different if they wasn’t on anything. Is it all in the mind? We could be injecting water. I’m on copaxon. They think. Lol

3 years ago

Well @graham100, all I know is that a few years ago I asked my neuro if I could go on a drugs trial. He refused. I asked the reason and he said: ‘I can’t risk you coming off Copaxone’.

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